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August 03, 2005

Save us from "homophobia" Al

Al Sharpton is on a mission to save the black community from a sin so repugnant it has become known in some circles as the h-word. Its not fatherlessness or adultery, the lack of integrty in too many black public officials or domestic violence, all serious problems in Black America. He's discovered a "latent homophobia" in our community. And he has got to save us from it.

According to the politically active Rev, homophobia is at near epidemic proportions in the black community.

Al's homophobia crusade pledge is misguided if not all out wrong. Homophobia isn't a sin, its the people who use it to unjustly demean others who are sinning. Consider that Jesus said nothing at all about homophobia. No, not one single word. Why, the word homophobia is not even in the Bible. If Rev. Sharpton was reading his Bible, he would know that.