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August 02, 2005 neighbor is gay...yawn

Georgia Equality, a homosexual rights group based here in Atlanta, donned itself in self righteous arrogance to declare through a billboard campaign, that they are our neighbors. Okay, can you wake me up when you're finished?
Who cares? What I do care about is the arrogant, and I might say racist attitude the group copped to put on this little expensive stunt.

Here's what happened.

Homosexual activists were a little worried, excuse me...very worried that outside of Atlanta proper, no one knew that they existed. They cited Georgia's celebrated ban on gay marriage as evidence that the people who lived outside of the perimeter (I-285) were...well just not educated or enlightened enough to know that their fireman or 3rd gade teacher was gay.

According to Chuck Bowen, GE's director, the target areas for the billboards were areas "with a large concentration of registered voters 35 and older who earn $40,000 or less annually and identify as belonging to a church. That demographic was found to be opposed to homosexuality," he said.

Yeah, Chuck. Churchgoing people of faith who earn less than 40k (a lot of my neighbors)are too dumb to know that homosexuals exist. And right again, Chuckie, we ARE opposed to homosexuality. Why do you think we voted against gay marriage??
How completely arrogant. And dumb. Well, considering they hired a homosexual PR firm to identify these folks, its no wonder it was such a narrow minded perspective. It really is reflective of the snobbish elitism gay activists display towards average Americans who disagree with their misguided sexual politics.

GE sumrised that if they could just let these republican voting, gay hating, poor people know that gays were everywhere, then somehow they could magically erase the curse. By the way the demographical area is largely African American, hence the racism element of the campaign.

Allegedly, 8 million people were supposed to see the billboard. I think 8 million people ignored the billboards. As an African American female told a WXIA Channel 11 reporter Dennis O' Hayer, "I dont want to see them." Did you hear that Georgia Equality? Don't want to see them. Some Georgia citizen were extremely offended at the in-your-face assault.

The $125,000 billboard campaign barely registered on most people's radar and would have passed on without fanfare to that great billboard heaven in the sky except when Lamar advertising refused to run the boards in certain rural Georgia areas. That created the media "controversy" the homosexual group was pinning for.
Well, yawn. Next in line please.