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August 17, 2005

Wachovia distancing itself from ROSMY

The grind has it that Wachovia has denied it directly supports ROSMY, the "gay youth center" which ran a suggestive man-boy sex ad as late as July 2005 on its website. In a letter responding to a complaintant about the ROSMY link to Wachovia, the bank said:
"Wachovia is not an ongoing supporter of the organization mentioned in the blog, ROSMY, and we are requesting that our name be removed from their website."

The letter also said that the Agape Press story "misrepresented" Wachovia's association with ROSMY. However the Agape Press story only said "ROSMY is receiving financial support from Wachovia Securities..." This is exactly what the ROSMY website indicates. Wachovia did not elaborate on how it was "misrepresented."