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August 17, 2005

"Outing" Lutha

The homosexual tabloid, The Advocate, launches into yet another postmortem smear campaign by branding deceased black crooner Luther Vandross as "gay". Never mind that Vandross never identified himself as homosexual, the arrogant activists at the Advocate decided he was anyway. As I wrote here and here, gay activists will stoop to unparalled lows to denigrate any dead person whose life they need to rewrite for the purpose of bolstering "gay history". For all those who ignorantly ask what the gay agenda is, well here it is is blazing rainbow colors.

This outing stuff is funny. Homosexual activists say being "out" is a badge of courage. A mark of honesty. A sign of complete freedom. But is it? This man didnt think so. I think that Luther's family ought to sue the Jimminy crickets out of the Advocate, who incidentally presented NO EVIDENCE that Luther was "gay". I think that this smearing is even the more egregious given all the white gay racism going on. When is the Advocate going to poney up a story on that?

Luther and Malcolm X are victims of the gay community's social mandingoism.