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September 14, 2005

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to registered users. Same rules applicable.

Update 9.17.05: to keep out unwanted vermin, only members of this blog may post. To get a list of membership rules, email me.


Mary Morgan said...

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vesti said...

You know, I don't know much about gays or straights, but I do know that they all need CIALIS. Praise Jesus and run this up your flagpole!

ragingcoconut said...

I'm so glad to see the blog open to comments again!

Regan said...

Thanks for the heads up. The Museum of Tolerance and the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center have interests in your blog.
Yours is one of many blogs that makes claims and very biased ones.
Because you went political, and banned opposing opinions that opened a more freely diametric discussion on what is fact and what is opinion, you're a ripe candidate for what MOT and groups like Facing History and Ourselves work against.
We bring in students, law enforcement, clergy and people from all cultural backgrounds to look at blogs like yours and disseminate the intent, context and content.
Yours makes the cut as a caution.
Committing to justice, working to educate on history and the past mistakes of caste systems and injustice and duty to those things requires something more than opinions.
Certainly an intelligence to think outside of convenient boxes and to torment complacency somewhat.
All this to make positive changes and open up understanding and critical thinking.
And be wary of who and what does the opposite to compromise this sort of progression.
Blogs are so common, huge lists are compiled and members are encouraged to try and engage the custodians.
The results of that engagement are not always pleasant, my experience here certainly wasn't.
But much was revealed to inform the other members.
You've made yourself and your intentions very clear and public, Foster.
Contradicting a higher, more caring and moral purpose.
What club is it exactly that you think you belong to again?

DL Foster said...

Ms ducasse, please read before you keep opening your mouth er, rather, keypad. There was one reason I closed comments on my blog: homosexuals were posting filthy pornographic links in the trackbacks. If they do it here again , I'll shut it down again. The ADL? Who's that? Nevermind, like I care anyway. You are already on my short list for delete and ban, so watch yourself. I'm not interested in your super long dissertations, so make sure your word count doesnt go over 100. You don't have executive priveleges here. That's my official word to you.

Scott said...

I would suggest moving your comments to Haloscan. Blogger comments are very spam prone.

Regan said...

Overlong posts a problem?
The ADL is the Anti Defamation League.

Your blog has come under analysis for those interested in political bias and who in communities of faith, fosters that bias.

If you've been spammed...examine why it would be gay porn and not porn in general?
Why porn at all?

If this is true, this is a means of insult, obviously.
But what your own blog displays is no less edifying than porn and is just as, if not more damaging.

DL Foster said...

When the ADL starts feeding my children and paying my bills, then I might be somewhat interested in what they think of me. Since you are acting as official ADL flunkie, make sure you tell them that.

Regan said...

This is about dues.
Your blog serves and appeals to haters and prejudice, contrary to what you have said about yourself.

In your words, you are an ordinary man.
In these times, to serve humanity in a progressive way and teaching to build a cooperative society, and not appeal to the basest in us, we need EXTRAORDINARY people.

The other institution I work for, the Los Angeles Police Dept., had to scrape two dead young boys off the sidewalk last night-shot by gang members.
And two peace officers have been shot in as many days while attending to other police matters.

No, this isn't about your personal bills...but the debt you are building in other ways.

DL Foster said...

Hardly, the only inhabitants perhaps even readers of this blog are people like you. I really feel a sense of naseau communicating with you, Ms Ducasse. I don't know what it is other than your personal evil, delusion and bloodlust for revenge which is a black spot which perhaps cannot be erased. I still remember when you commented on Xgaywatch how the old woman in Chicago deserved to be murdered by the homosexual man she told about Jesus. Chilling indeed. Simply chilling.

Regan said...

I never said that.
I offered a theory, from a law enforcement perspective as well as that of the ongoing debate concerning the intrusiveness of missionary zeal on the unsuspecting and it's risks.
It ties in to the support of ex gay ministry.
To clarify.
The woman took her sermon to someone who didn't solicit it.
She didn't consider what mental state her attacker might have already been in FROM previous, possibly abusive ministrations in his life.
He was a young Latino.
Young gay Latinos are subjected to abuse by their families and sometimes their religious communities.
This woman didn't consider what she was dealing with, just her own objective...and it cost her her life.
Just because a person has a strong conviction for their religion, doesn't necessarily make them a GOOD person, let alone right.

I expressed that I wasn't exactly sympathetic to this woman.
She arrogantly intruded on something she had NO knowledge with with which to interfere.
I NEVER said she deserved to be killed.
I know what I said, I stand by it.
What the woman did was like someone blundering into an armed standoff with a Bible, and ending up shot to death.
It's hard to have sympathy for people who do things like that.
I stand by what I said.
Not by what YOU think I did.

Regan said...

I don't know where you got that I have blood lust, delusions and revenge in mind from my posts.
I'm not the one with an entire blog dedicated to promoting stereotypes and prejudice against a group.

I know all too well, the sorts of ignorance and lack of consideration for others that leads to unnecessary tragedy.

It's that simple.
Since you haven't really tried to get to know me, you don't know me at all.
Why comment as if you do?

Regan said...

Since you're not able to stomach a serious dialogue, among other things-even for the sake of accuracy, we're done.

You know nothing about me and never wanted to.
And because of this, whatever you say is of your own imagination.
We're done.