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September 19, 2005

Concerned about the children?

I promised I would print any email deserving an answer. This one is golden. My replies in italics.

"DLF, this is no hate mail, but I don't have words of praise to offer you either."
Thanks, I relish your nonhateful approach to communication.

"I think your work is very hurtful to young gay people because you continue to instill self-hate in them."
Ahhhh, such heartfelt concern. Is it because I'm taking business from the gay pedophiles and incest mongers? Telling young people the truth about their sexuality reduces the ranks of the potential victims for these predators. With HIV/AIDS rates for young people ages 13-24 through the roof, truth is a welcome respite from the snake oil joy offered by groups such as ROSMY. Honestly, what you call "self hate" is an implanted levee against self destructive human brokenness. Its a fundamental barometer of right and wrong. Overriding by "coming out" only forces kids who struggle with sexual confusion into personal implosion thanks to skillful lying of the homosexual community.

"You know very well that you will never be a straight man."
I don't claim, and have never claimed to be "straight". Who concocted that term anyway? I do joyfully claim however, to be Redeemed, Holy,Justified, Sanctified, Washed and a son of God (check 1 Corinthians 6:11, Ephesian 1:4-9). That's a much higher calling and identity than being "straight". Didn't you got the latest press release? Neither sex nor sexuality is the sum of a man's life. Didn't you ever hear MLK, Jr's "I Have A Dream" speech? Its about the content of your character. The intangibles of life. But like far too many sex obsessed homosexuals, you think that everyone is reduced to such a definition. My suggestion for you is to grow up sexually. Homosexuality is a grossly immature way of expressing what was meant to be healthy male relational bonding. In other words, your sexual maturity hasn't gotten out of the experimental stage yet.

"It's a big lie and you know it. You don't want to believe it and you are fooling yourself and many other innocent people."
You mean that people are born gay? You're absolutely right! The biggest lie ever told. And what about the second biggest lie ever told: gays can't change? I really was fooling myself thinking that I had to be homosexual for the rest of my life. I'm glad I listened to the truth and made the change. I'm sure there are some people still waiting --after 15 years-- for me to go gay again. I just hope they're not holding their breath.

"This type of work should be against the law because it's dangerous to humans. You are not helping people; you are hurting them."
Ok, now you sound crazy. No...deranged. You sound like you escaped Nazi Germany right before the bombs fell. That's the kind of sick, infested, robotronic ideology Goebbels sought to force upon the rest of the world. You need to tell the truth, its only dangerous to the gay pedophiles and incest mongers who want an unlimited supply of confused youth to manipulate and destroy.
[signed]Krystof Krakowiak
Is this a real person?

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