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September 07, 2005

First pedophilia, now gay incest

This is insane and profane!

MassResistance is reporting on a homosexual movie which glorifies same sex incest between two brothers. One brother is 16 the other is 23. The 16 year old was in a sexual relationship with a 40 year old teacher at school. I try to only use the word perversion and abomination when applicable. This is one of those times when the phrase "perverted abomination" is not nearly strong enough to describe this movie. In a word, the film is an iconoclastic tool of the gay community's war on sexual morality.

Is this what our nation has to look forward to now that the California senate has approved same sex "marriage"? Methinks the handwriting is on the wall. Homosexuals argue that homosexual "marriage" hasn't caused the sky to fall. I would argue that the clouds are very dark and getting darker by the moment. To activist gays and their darkened perspective, the sky won't fall. But then too a blind man won't realize his house is burning all around him until the fire touches his skin. By then, it may well be too late. Has a progressively permissive sexual society led to gay "marriage"? Will gay marriage consequently lead to open acceptance of incest and pedophilia? The track record of social breakdown and people like the film's director make that seem much closer to reality.

The writer and director, openly gay Christopher Munch pushed the proverbial envelope well beyond what is sexually normal not to mention decent. In fact, he probably destroyed the envelope. The film elicted cautiously mixed reviews, but no gay organization outright condemned it. What does this say about the decency standards of the gay community?

The film was "complicated, but really good", says OUTFEST programmer Kirsten Schaeffer.

Gaycitynews: "fine new film...what is best about “Harry and Max” is that the two main characters behave very much like brothers."

"[T]he best thing about Harry & Max is how natural it makes their unnatural love seem.", wrote the Boston Bay Windows.

How can anyone, who understands normal codes of decent morality call incest "natural"? (compare Romans 1:27). How is it that sexual conduct between two siblings of any persuasion be construed as normal behavior? And what is "good" about a film which portrays such reprehensible conduct as admirable?

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