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September 01, 2005

Warnings, Observations

Hurricane Katrina (seven letters)is America's tsunami though you might not know that unless you're watching Fox News. What you won't hear anywhere is that from Aug 31-Sept 5th, New Orleans was to observe "Southern Decadence" with over 100,000 homosexuals gathering there to commit unspeakable acts in public. The event has been held in New Orleans since 1972 (33 years to be exact). Previous events were photographed and sent to the mayor and police officials but they did not care. They had their own lust: The $100,000,000 the event brings in.

Gambling casinos took a hit on the coast as this is where the eye of the storm hit.

And as America forced Israelis out of parts of their land, hurricane Katrina was building in the Atlantic. A Fox reporter said, "It must be an emotional experience (for Americans) to walk away from their homes and not ever live in them again." Same with those forced out in Israel. Israeli homes are being demolished as Gulf Coast homes are demolished.

This was America's greatest "evacuation." Now we have "refugees". Israelis were evacuated and many are refugees living in tents and refugee centers, thanks to America. The Israeli uprooting will affect their entire economy in that some of their finest produce which was exported is now left behind. America's economy could face a steep recession as oil processing refineries were damaged. Plan to see price increases within days. Will this bring our economy down? Major industries will be affected from food delivery, jet fuel, travel, insurance, and so much more with the "ripple effect" of skyrocketing gas prices.

Luke 21 talks about "the sea and the waves roaring" and "men's hearts failing them for fear." We must not stop there. It goes on to say, "When these things begin to happen, look up and know your redemption draws nigh.

Let us continue to pray for the "homeless" both in America and Israel. Millions have had their lives torn apart and our greatest contribution to them, other than physical needs, is prayer.

A couple of years ago, Pat Robertson tracked and documented a phenomenal thing. Everytime Isreal reliquished part of its land for "peace" with America's help or refusal to stop it, a major weather disaster hit our nation sometimes almost within days. The week before Katrina, Isreal forcibly removed over 10,000 Jews from their land and gave it to the Palestinians. America stood by. Now... we reap...again.



JD said...

Powerful. Absolutely powerful. I forgot about that "Southern Decadence" thing in N.O. Not to make a correlation to the destruction and "Southern Decadence," but it makes me think.....

Anonymous said...


I hope you will be honest enough
to attack RepentAmerica, for saying gay caused the Tsunami.

I am an ex gay person and Christian
but that comment was wrong.

Anonymous said...


If you guys ever need a counter protest group for ex gays let us know!