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September 03, 2005

West of mouth, east of foot

Kanye West has inserted foot deep in mouth once again. This time, in an embarrassingly ignorant display of unwarranted criticism of the President so wild, NBC pulled the plug on him and quickly issued a disclaimer.

West claimed the President "doesn't care about black people." After listing his own uncaring sins, he should have completed the sentence by saying "...and neither do I." Nevermind that everyone is this courtry is guilty, (if we must assign blame) including the people who didn't get out. New Orleans did not develop its problem on last Friday. Its been a fact for decades. Yet, everyone ignored it and Mardi-graded the warnings away. Now, the best we can do is collectively come together and help heal without blame.

The novice is loose and his lips are even looser. West is giving black people a bad name. Black Christians had to pull the plug on him for his profanity laced song "Jesus Walks". Now, he's proving that the very best thing for him to do is just shut up and give.

Another blogger's viewpoint on West.

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