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October 19, 2005

Atlanta blacker than ever

Atlanta recently unveiled a new city logo intended to move the hyper prosperous black mecca into superhyper visibility.

But there's a slight problem. The green wealth of the city's black well-to-doers is, Black in terms of moral consciousness. A damning --and truthful-- article out today details how rich blacks have done virtually nothing to improve the living conditions of the poor in the city. Black Commentator's Bruce Dixon breaks the shocking news. Consequently, various forms of black life have suffered. Particularly, in sharply declining black marriage rates and growing child poverty, Atlanta leads the nation.

That's a shameful testament to the city's predominately black Democratic leadership over the last three decades. Much like New Orleans,it will take a Katrina-like catastrophe to reveal to the world how Atlanta has been raped by some greedy blacks. Rife with black official corruption (including mayors, council members, state representatives, sheriffs and county officials) and promotion of gay tourism and touting Atlanta as the new black gay mecca, the city has numerous internal problems but are not being addressed by the city's black elite. Maybe they are waiting on President Bush and FEMA to save them? At any rate, we now know what the "city too busy to hate" has been so "busy" with.

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