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October 21, 2005

Homosexuals: liberals MUST love all things gay

Call this one tolerance (wink, wink) on display. Leon Gray, a self titled liberal talk show host for Memphis WWTQ 680 AM has come under heavy fire from homosexual activists. Take a good guess why. Yes, youre right. Leon does not love all things homosexual. He's actually against it. To the liberal loving gay activists who preach and demand tolerance, it is a serious moral violation not to love and affirm all things gay. Gray (pictured) cites his reasons for non acceptance of homosexuality only to be lambasted by one-size-fits-all "Air America" (snicker)purists for his "transgression".
"The truth is I believe homosexuality is wrong because I don't understand it, and while I can only speak honestly for myself, I feel comfortable, nonetheless, saying I'm surely not alone. In simplest terms, my ability to understand is totally based on how I was taught information I learned. For example: John has one apple; Jane gives him another. 1 plus 1 equals 2; the square root of 1 is 1, up versus down, left is opposite right... my mom was a woman, my dad was a man." More here
No Leon you are not alone. You are proof one can be a liberal and not ascribe to moral tomfoolery. Liberal or conservative, homosexuality is flat out wrong. Its too bad gay activists can't allow for anything except their own monogayistic beliefs. But homosexuals don't get it. They are so obsessed with forcing everyone to know who they have sex with and how they have sex with each other, it is mentally repugnant to the vast majority of people, even self proclaimed liberals. Leon tries to explain that:
"Most non-homosexuals basically see gays and lesbians as people who have sex with people of the same sex, and can't or don't want to get past that point. Why… because its at that point straight folks also face processing thoughts of female /male impersonators, transsexuals, and what actually is bisexuality. Those are the initial images that pop into the minds of many straight folks when they hear the word homosexual. Wrong thoughts maybe, but definitely first thoughts."
Although the majority of the unforgiving posters rant on and on about "diversity" of thought, they refuse to allow Leon any shred of diversity. I'm sorry, I need to rephrase my original statement to homosexual hypocrisy on parade.


Robert said...

Mr. Gray is free to speak his mind as he sees fit.
He is also free to take the consequences; the idea that he is somehow immune from criticism of his speech because he believes what he's saying is one I do not agree with.
The enthusiasm of liberals for 'diversity' does not mean that they/we will sit on their/our hands when someone says "I think letting black people vote is a bad idea, and here's why." They/we would not want to use _the power of the state_ to enforce or reinforce any particular point of view - that's not the same as 'you can say anything you want and we'll keep mum.'

If Mr. Gray wants to address the criticism being directed at him, bully for him - if not, we'll take it as evidence of the weakness of his position.

Brady said...

DL- I have never told anyone "how I have sex." And, they don't know any more about who I have sex with than I know about who my parents or any other straight couple has sex with.

DL Foster said...

Brady, you are truly an exception.

DL Foster said...

I get your point. That's why I write this blog. I believe the gay community is long overdue for some serious criticism regarding their statements and actions.
Thanks for validating that for me.

vesti said...

The truth is I believe homosexuality is wrong because I don't understand it...

I don't quite understand some of the Laws of Thermodynamics, either ... but that doesn't mean I therefore believe they are wrong. And I certainly wouldn't get on the radio and say "The truth is I believe the laws of thermodynamics are wrong because I don't understand it."

Michael LaBonte said...
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DL Foster said...

nice, but way too long. How about posting a link to your dissertation. Or pick out your most pertinent points and post them. Like we say in church, "touch your neighbor and say, I cant tell it all today".

Michael LaBonte said...


Sorry about the length of the earlier posting. It's easy to get carried away and there are so many points that need to be made. But I will consider myself tapped on the shoulder and "not tell it all today."

Anyway, I have to agree with Brady. It's been my experience that most of those who are intolerant of gay people are the same ones who reduce them to nothing but sexual beings without respecting their full personhood.

Perhaps your perception about gays "flaunting it" comes from the fact that the only gay people that come to your attention are the one's you consider "obvious." Most of us simply pass under your radar.

Also, keep in mind you may be unwittingly using a double standard. Even innocuous things like holding hands, dancing together in public, or going out for a romantic evening-- things that heterosexuals take for granted-- are often considered "flaunting it" when gays do them. Afterall, even you must acknowledge that there are public and private aspects to most human relationships.

Regarding claims that homosexuality is "unnatural" I would recommend Bruce Bagemihl's book, "Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity." This book documents and explains a scientific basis for understanding the pervasiveness of homosexuality in the animal kingdom.

Regarding religion, I would recommend, "The Bible Tells Me So: The Uses and Abuses of Holy Scripture" by Hill and Cheadle. This book documents the history of how the Bible has been used to support both liberating and oppressive movements. This includes a wide range of prejudices and discriminatory practices such as sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, religious intolerance, and homophobia.

One example, almost forgotten these days, is the way Southern politicians in the 19th century used Bible verses (e.g., Ephesians 6:5-9) to support their conviction that slavery was an institution ordained by God. (Religious has a complete inventory of pro-slavery verses and how they were used by anti-abolition forces).

Luckily today, few if any people quote the Bible to support slavery. We've found new ways of understanding those verses or we simply ignore them.

It is my view that when religious authority and human need come into conflict, compassion and understanding should be our compass for finding our way through the impasse.

Lastly, I still wish you would explain what you mean by our "monogayistic beliefs"? I don't think i have any. Perhaps you would care to enlighten me.


Michael LaBonte

Michael LaBonte said...


Having looked at your blog site more carefully and the profusion of articles against homosexuality, I can only conclude that you have anti-"monogayistic" beleifs.

That is if I'm using the term "monogayistic" correctly. You'll have to let me know about that.

I do know that I'm willing to recognize that the majority of people are heterosexual and I accept them that way. I'm even an adult child of heterosexuals.

Lucky for me they love and accept me as a gay man. I wonder if that makes them "monogayistic"?