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October 22, 2005

Gay candidate plays two faced

In the public: not gay
In the gay media: openly gay

The candidate for Norfolk, VA treasuer is playing two faced with the voters. Vivian Page is an African American lesbian, touted by the gay media.
"If elected, first-time political candidate Vivian Paige would be the first openly lesbian African-American woman elected in Virginia.", boasted the Washington Blade.
But strangely there is no mention of her lesbianism on her official website. There are no references to her "partner", But with a magnifying glass you will find under endorsement Victory Fund. The full name is the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. Even they play two faced with the name game. You'd be hard pressed to find one African American voter in Virginia who knew what the "Victory Fund" is or who is behind it.

Paige and camp recently cried foul when at a forum, someone anonymously placed fliers on cars stating that Paige was indeed a lesbian. With all of the demands by homosexual activists that so called leaders and personalities come out, one wonders why Paige is playing two faced games with Virginia voters?


vesti said...

Funny ... I don't remember any outrage expressed on your blog when Republicans run for and hold office and hide the fact that they're gay. Especially the hypocrites who run on an anti-gay-crusade agenda while they're having same-gender-sex in the office ... like this guy:

m.sheldon said...

When is the last time you remember a politician being upfront and truthful.She's doing as most politicians usually do,she's playing both sides of the fence. I don't see that as being uncommon,as a matter of fact that is how most people usually get elected.Interesting,damned if she do,damned if she don't.Go figure.

DL Foster said...

She's doing as most politicians usually do,she's playing both sides of the fence.
Right, and thats why citizens should criticize their two faced actions and not vote for them if possible.