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October 17, 2005

Observations and Directions

  • I've retooled my link listings to include a fairly eclectic group of writers, news sources and ministry organizations. I hope that you will check them out when you have the time. Of note:
    Independent Conservative - a new, rising voice of reason. IC is fast becoming a good friend and frequent place I look to for conservative perspective from a "colorful" worldview, shall we say?

    News Busters - You simply have to go here if you want the latest, greatest blogossip on the shenanigans of the liberal media. This is expose royale. I have included on Perspectives the journalism lampooning cartoon "Gaggle". Check it out, its big fun.

    Blackelectorate - The very best synopsis of diverse black news anywhere is definitely Blackelectorate. I read it everyday. I had at one point thought it was leaning way too hard on the liberal side, but have seen a progressive inclusion of moderate and conservative friendly news which makes it nice and balanced.

    Negrophile - NP is interesting. I haven't quite figured out the slant yet, but I am finding myself liking the style of Negrophile. Maybe there isn't a slant, which may account for its popularity. NP has mentioned me several times in a "matter-of-fact" type of way which is a plus. I do have a niche commentary, but NP doesn't seem to be bothered by that.

    Harry' Soapbox - When fellow Texan Harry gets on the soapbox, watch out! I'd like to see more of his commentary, he's good. Hope that you will drop by his blog and holla.

  • After careful thought and observations of some black conservatives who I have come to well, uh...not like, I have redesignated myself a ghetto conservative (GeeCee). What's a ghetto conservative you say? Well, here are a few developing traits:
    1. A ghetto conservative has a defined attitude. We're pro-Republican with a Maxine Waters attitude sans the cussing. I don't play that at all. This attitude combines the fine traditional principles of social and moral conservatism with an "southside" 'hood flavoring to get the point across. You must have at some point lived "cross the railroad tracks" to be a true GeeCee.

    2. A ghetto conservative does not mind --and without apology-- deleting, banning, issuing equally smart remarks to or refusing to answer critics when necessary.

    3. A ghetto conservative despises the oreo mentality of moderates on moral issues. Looming example: gay rights.

    4. A ghetto conservative refuses to use the stuffy, ivy league-ish, starched collar, I-live-in-the-suburbs diction of most black conservative writers. GeeCees will employ ebonics in a heartbeat to get a point across. As a matter of fact, we might be intentionally ungrammatical just to draw a line. Want a sample?: You done lost yo mine!

    5. I'm inviting other GeeCees to join me in forming the first Ghetto Conservative Brotherhood in Blogsville. If you're sick and tired of the too nice status quo, let's rebel and spank some booty!

  • I remain totally dedicated to informing you about the gay community's overwhelming hypocrisy. Ready? Let's go!

    m. sheldon said...

    I guess he's not opposed to it as long as it's done under the guise of the Ghetto Conservative Brotherhood.

    DirtyHarryY2K said...

    Thanks for the kind word Pastor.

    I haven't been able to put anything fresh on the blog last couple weeks, wish there were more time.

    Me and a couple more bretheren have plans for a group blog where several of us will team up and keep it interesting.

    I'll give you a shout at publishing time.

    God bless

    Fight The GOOD Fight!