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October 23, 2005

Oh, the irony

I found this interesting story (its a little old) which attempts to poke fun at former Exodus Chairman John Paulk. Via Wayne Be Seen, who skyrocketed to international fame (snicker) behind the incident, you have probably heard the spin, so I won't rehash it. However, a really funny thing happened on the way to hatesville. The article's title "Sleeping in a Garage Doesn't Make you an Automobile" reveals itself as the mother of all ironies.

Gays claimed that Paulk's being discovered in a gay bar proved he was still gay. Maybe they don't realize that sleeping in a garage doesnt make you an automobile.
Question: if a gay guy gets caught in a "straight" club, does that make him "straight" or "downlow"?
File under: gay hit sqaud gets hit. Funny, I tell you, funny.

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