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October 24, 2005

Black churches for sale in NJ

Its shameful.
Black churches taking money from politicians?
Yep. It must be Bush's darned Faith Based Initiatives cronies trying to buy the black vote, right? Nope. Democrats.
Michelle Malkin pointed out that's how the Dems do it. Actually, they have being doing it like that for a long time. Overrated social programs have crippled black America to a crawl. New Orleans was proof of that. Unfortunately, this sort of whorishness on the part of black preachers in NJ is inexcusable. I wonder how much of the money went into their own pockets?

Although the black liberati foamed at the mouth over black ministers who met with the President, most of their objections are nothing more than juvenile jealousy. Bush stepped up his game and gave them a shot of their own medicine. We know now by the loud protests, they don't like it. Leave it up to the king race hustler himself to weigh in. Last year, a left out and disgruntled Jesse Jackson complained, while acting as "senior advisor to John Kerry (snicker), that Bush’s faith-based initiatives are not new, insisting that black churches have consistently offered social programs for disadvantaged residents for more than 40 years.
“This is an old book with a new cover,” Jackson said. “He only wants to divert attention away from our agenda.” Jackson said Bush only "cherry picks a few leaders" while the larger black community continues to suffer.

“He‘s offering faith-based initiatives but reducing employment; he’s offering faith-based initiatives but raising the bar for Section 8 housing; he’s offering faith-based initiatives but under-funding No Child Left Behind. This is deceptive.”
I think Rev. Jackson is just upset because he knows his cherry was busted picked a long time ago.

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