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November 08, 2005

Condoms, anyone?

The good folks at NewsBusters, who expose the double edged hypocrisy of MSMs, note how said MSMs are strangely quiet when a group of "AIDS activists" invaded Family Research Council's Washington headquarters yesterday. The activists were wearing "body condoms". Gee, I guess they wanted to make a statement.

If they had worn a condom for real, they wouldn't have gotten AIDS in the first place, right? Unfortunately, this insane dog and pony show comes at the expense of people who are legitimately suffering. I guess they thought FRC would give them more money for AIDS "research".

This is what years and years of liberal hogwash, wasted tax dollars and safe safer "safest sex" programs have produced. Idiots without jobs wearing condoms over their heads. And oh, more homosexuals who are AIDS infected. What stunning success.

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