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November 08, 2005

The Real L- Word

It’s the beginning of November and so the 2nd season of the L-word has came out on DVD. I only caught it on Showtime twice, like few I don’t have cable by choice. The first episode I did see was the very last episode (number 13) of the first season. Interesting to say the least I’ve heard a lot of gripes, complaints and even positive inputs about the show but now here is my spin.

This television series is a adaptation of what the lesbian lifestyle is suppose to be like. For some it is this way so kudos to the producers and writers of the series. However what the show lacks in merit and content they make up for in the message. The unspoken message and the spoken message…

I was afforded the opportunity to see the show in its entirety when the DVD of season 1 came out. It left a lot to be desired. One thing I do know for sure you can bet if a lot of curious and heterosexual women are out their watching this television show before it’s all said and done a good percentage of them will be gay/bi-sexual also. In the bigger scheme of things that is the point of the show. To promote acceptance, tolerance and change for people who choose to indulge in alterative lifestyles.

This is sadly yet another sign of the times. American society as a whole is being beaten over the head with sin and being force fed lies that 'what isn’t truth really is.' I for one REFUSE to sit back idly and allow my brothers and sisters who are yet to come to Christ to die without the knowledge. Hosea 4:6 says “my people (God’s people) parish for a lack of knowledge…” They have rejected the knowledge and because they have rejected the knowledge God in return rejects them. Regardless if people choose to believe that Romans 1:26-28 is about homosexuality or not isn’t of any consequence. What does matter is that it is focused on a Godless and perverse society that has focused on self rather than the true knowledge of God.

Even though the L-word is played by characters that aren’t gay (supposedly); the message is still coming loud and clear. Homosexuality is natural, acceptable and lacking a presence of God. God made us, formed us and fashioned us after His own image not to do away with the laws but to walk in them. Sadly enough there are so many demonic forces behind this television show that before it’s all said and done even the very elect (some) will have been deceived. Allowing them to be given up to the ways of the flesh and forsaking the ways of God's spirit.

This is the same thought process I have for “Desperate Housewives” and every other Television show that goes against the knowledge of God. Many women will begin to think its okay to have affairs and everything else that is unholy. What's in you will come out of you, whether it is good or bad.

Many would like for me to keep my opinions to myself, however if I did I wouldn’t be myself. I would be denying the power thats inside of me, hiding my testimony of deliverance and change so that others who choose to stay stagnant in sin can live comfortably. I love ya way more than that.

Friends don’t let friends go to hell. I wouldn’t be a friend if I didn’t live my life showing my faith in a better, more acceptable way. It isn’t about what people think or say about me, it’s about how God views me. Only God can judge me … I make my decisions based on that.

I think the real L-word is lasciviousness.

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