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November 28, 2005

HRC plans to change

No, the nation's largest homosexual rights groups isn't planning on becoming the nation's largest exgay advocacy group. But, they are planning to change some things. Read about it here. Pastors, teachers and traditional Bible scholars beware.
To launch this crusade of sorts, HRC has harnessed former Georgia Equality head, Harry Knox. Knox exerted his gay racial chivalry against the Atlanta's Ford Assembly plant in May 2001. Perhaps, that's what made him attractive to HRC.

I previously wrote how the rank and file homosexual activist, despite the gay community leadership's grand plans to commandeer the church, will never engage in discussions about scripture because they hate, fear and dismiss anything that questions their matrix worldview. Still, HRC attempted to get into the religion game before with a black gospel music act, but was rejected by black churches. And, I wrote about their church shenanigans here. It reminds me of the terrorists who tried to blow up the WTC in 1993. Clinton was sleeping on duty President then. They succeeded of course in 2001.
One can never underestimate the passion of a cause.

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