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November 28, 2005

News and Perspectives Roundup, II

  • Chucky's revenge, the sequel.
    Georgia Equaliety's Executive Director Chuck Bowen smells blood. His weapon of choice to slay the sensitivities of Georgia citizens: taunting billboards.

    "Over 117,000 people are seeing these boards each day," said Bowen, executive director of Georgia Equality. "Some in areas where we have heard that there are 'no homosexuals' in our neighborhood which has generated quite a bit of conversation," he said.

    Which proves Chucky my boy that the goal of GE isn't to educate, its to agitate. As soon as someone reacts to the racially and economically insensitive advertisements, Bowen and company rush the responses to the website as "proof" that these poor, rural, religious, uneducated and unenlightened types hate gay people.

  • Unbelievable! A California lesbian sues a Christian doctor who refuses to inseminate her. Well, what can we say about this litigation happy society we call America? The woman has a right to sue. She could have sued her parents for having her, but instead she chose to sue a doctor who didn't want to violate his belief system. What's strange about this is that the woman claims that five years ago, the doctors told her that the reason they didnt want to inseminate her was because she was "homosexual". But as the story goes, they still treated her for 11 months anyway! So is she suing because she and lesbian partner could not get fingers on baby thereby creating yet another dysfunctional "family" or because of the doctor's religious beliefs?
    Cases like this are proof positive as to why gay initiated "discrimination" legislation should be defeated at all costs. Said the woman's lawyer: A person's religious convictions do not exempt them from obeying any law, including non-discrimination statutes.

  • is in a rainbow tailspin. My former employer of 10 years is about to morally crash. AA has stepped up its support of homosexual issues by launching a "microsite" aimed at homosexual vacationers.
    A smart business move they say.
    Granted. A couple of questions please.
    Where is the microsite for Christians who fly on AA?
    Where is the microsite for African Americans who fly on AA?
    Where's the microsite for Democrats who fly on AA?
    Aren't these groups and others worthy of their own specific vacation information site, American?

    Like the proverbial "check's in the mail", Im sure they are coming.

    Real diversity, respect and inclusion is a joke at AA. During the time I worked for them, homosexuals were the originators of "diversity" employee groups. I was a delegate to the first Diversity conference at AA HDQs in Dallas. After that, I coined the term "gayversity".
    Fasten your seatbelts, America.

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