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November 21, 2005

News and Issues Roundup

A review of incredibly ignorant words and actions from the gay community's activist mouthpeices.
  • African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who has reduced himself to little more than a defacto gay rights activist, is now demanding that the Anglican Communion "accept" homosexual bishop Vicky Gene Robinson.
    As justification for such an biblically impossible demand, Tutu told a church [quote] Jesus did not say, ‘I if I be lifted up I will draw some’,” Tutu said, preaching in two morning festival services in Pasadena, California. “Jesus said, ‘If I be lifted up I will draw all, all, all, all, all. Black, white, yellow, rich, poor, clever, not so clever, beautiful, not so beautiful. It’s one of the most radical things. All, all, all, all, all, all, all, all. All belong. Gay, lesbian, so-called straight. All, all are meant to be held in this incredible embrace that will not let us go. All.”[unquote]

    Listen, Mr. Archbishop. Small words mean a lot. Jesus said he would draw, not embrace. The express purpose of that "drawing" sinners unto himself was to change their lives, not encourage them to continue to live as unrepentant sinners.

  • The editor of the Blade wants an AIDs infected homosexual man who broke the law to be given a get out of jail pass.The demand is a prime example of homosexual arrogancy and double standards. The arrogant Chris Crain refers Fayetteville, GA as "semi-rural" implying that Fayetteville is too hick to know that gay men infect other men with AIDS and its no big deal. This is the same highbrow, racist attitude Georgia Equality displayed with their "we are your gay neighbor" billboard campaign thing. Fayetteville, incidentally, is the county seat of almost 100,000 residents. The residents of Fayette maintain a policy which will keep the community from turning into another urban sprawl clone. Too bad narrow minded Chris Crain doesn't respect a community's self determination. As a extra gross out, the Southern Voice wanted to know from a Fayette prosecutor what sexual (remember I told you about this disgusting obsession?) position the homosexual man assumed in the relationship. My advice: Keep the criminal in jail.

  • The Illnois Family Institute reminds us of the anniversary slaying of Mary Stachowicz, a Chicago Catholic killed by a homosexual man. What set him off? She told him that he could change his homosexuality. Like the murder of 13 year old Jesse Dirkhising in Arkansas, Mary's murder (a true hate crime) is ignored or explained away by homosexual activists and a rainbow-eyed media. Back in April, I pointed out that a regular exgaywatch commenter, Regan Ducasse had expressed that she had "no sympathy" for the murdered woman and even repeated it for effect! No one at the site even mildly reprimanded her for such specious words.

  • Police and students abuse man who objected to the University of Florida involving his daughter in homosexual role playing. The father was absolutely right when he said, "I believe the homosexuals are using the residence halls as a recruitment tool to get more individuals into their group."
    Look what happened later to the father.

  • Talk about bad press. SOVO still pushing the"65,000 gay vet" lie. This is about to cross over into urban legend territory. Here's the truth "here.

    Brady said...

    DL, I'm sorry to see you link all gay people with the actions of a few when you say things like, "The demand is a prime example of homosexual arrogancy and double standards."

    I'm sure you would be displeased to be linked to someone like Fred Phelps, or even some of the mistruths of people like Paul Cameron. Is it fair for you to link all gays in your blog posts?

    DL Foster said...

    Can you show me some examples where said fine, upstanding gay citizens have publicly repudiated the ones who have done what Ive pointed out? I wouldnt say that its a "few". That may be minimizing a much wider system of deceit and manipulation.

    I would hope that it is fairly well understood that "gays" referred to on Perspectives mean gays in general, unless specifically cited. As to Phelps or Cameron, I dont run in those circles nor do I aspire to. I try not to live my life with a social chip on my shoulder. They are too easy to get knocked off.