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November 07, 2005

The parent trap

Independent Conservative explains how the Washington State Supreme Court recently created a law out of thin air to accomodate homosexual parents. As IC points out, the couple involved in the case lived in Seattle which has a "domestic partnership registry", they made no effort to use it. So off to the courst we go!

Its judicial activism at its worst. Homosexual activist know that any attempt to gain rights the legal and democratic way will be soundly defeated by the people. From what I see their tactics are to retreat to the liberal ghettos and get "judges" who will create specialized "laws" and declare them constitutional. That's cheap American justice, huh?

  • More on homosexual experiementation with children and the results.(pdf file)

    Scott said...

    Would it have been any more "activist" if the judge had ruled that an unmarried straight couple had parental rights?

    Unrelated straight couples raise eachother's kids all the time.

    This child had a relationship with her second parent from birth. I don't think it's activist to accomodate a child who hasn't known anything different.

    Why must you punish kids?

    DL Foster said...

    I think the law the judge created punishes the children. I think the parents punish the child by trying to circumvent the Creator's intent for raising children. With a prior drunk driving conviction why was this soup head even on the bench?

    Scott said...

    Drunk driving convictions didn't disqualify the President or Vice President from being in the White House, I'm not entirely sure what it has to do with the sitting judge in this case.

    "The Creator" has no place in a court of law and does not govern the United States. You can wish for that all you want but it really isn't so.

    Gay families exist, will continue to exist and there really isn't a thing you can do to stop it.

    When you go out of your way to create legal hurdles in a futile attempt to stop these families, you only end up punishing the children who grow up in gay households.

    Do you have a solution to help the children of gay families?

    What do you suggest?