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November 07, 2005

Paris is burning...for real

Sorry, its not a review of the transvestite documentary about New York's underground drag world. Which, by the way, is euphemistically referred to as "ballroom".

But Paris, capital of the antireligion state, is having a bit of a religious riot problem thanks to the disgruntled powder keg known as the Muslim community.

France even established a governmental “Interministerial Mission to Fight Against Sects" but the Church of Scientology quickly called for its dissolution. Moderate black blogger,Shay at Booking Rising has some interesting comments, which to me mirror a lot of the sentiment in Black America and their tendency to riot when they have issues with the government. Then again, the Muslims of Paris and the transvestites of "Paris" do share similar circumstances: they both perceived themselves as victims of discrimation and poverty.

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