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December 28, 2005

2006 Preview

Every new year holds within its hands the promise of the materialization of new ideas. Short of declaring our "new year's resolutions", we all have expectations that we will do things better, be better persons, and experience things we have previously missed out on.

Since beginning Perspectives in June of this year, I have blogged almost 200 posts. Retrospectively, that's an accomplishment to me. Yet, in many ways I still yearn for something better, something greater, something perhaps more impactful. Yes, the new year is smiling already.
I anticipate that the landscape of Perspectives will change. I have consistently documented many of the widespread failures of the gay rights movement to act with civility, honor or truthfulness in their quest for "rights". I have highlighted the social crookery many of their leaders engage in as they attempt to manipulate the sensitivities of the American electorate and the average American citizen.

I have provided a voice that was conspicuously absent. A black man, a former homosexual and a pastor with insight into the machinations of the gay rights movement. Consequently, I believe that I have encouraged (and hopefully emboldened) others to speak out and point out such fallacious efforts in order to present a balanced view of homocentric endoctrination. My message is that love is not devoid of truth, even if painful. Truth is a critical element of real love.

That being said, it weighs heavy on the senses of anyone who has to present bad news. I have always contended that the pursuit of homosexuality, whether political, social or religious contains no good news. And though the hired spindoctors of the progay tolerance, progay inclusion, progay equality ideology have tried to convince us otherwise, it remains a sad way to live one's life.

In 2006, though I will continue to highlight such social chicanery by the leaders of the gay rights movement, Perspectives will expand to include stories of varying perspectives which appeal to a wider audience. We are thankful for the cadre of gay detractors who have populated the comment circuit here, but new ground awaits to be broken. Particularly, more black community oriented perspective will be engaged, with an emphasis on the black religious community.

So here's to all who thought you knew me. Brace yourself. Prepare for change.


Anonymous said...
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DL Foster said...

Purchase my book. Read it.
That should answer your question as juvenile as it is.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I may, even though I'm reluctant. It certainly won't be at the top of my "books I want to read" list. If it's anything like your blog, it'll just be more guilt laden, hate liberal gay whitey drivil, laced with spookism, pardon me, your version of Christianity. In the meantime you could have just answered me with a simple yes or no.

DL Foster said... could have just answered me with a simple yes or no.

That may have been possible had your question contained an ounce of intelligence. You sound like one of those liberal refugees looking for a new place to wallow in your bird droppings. I'm not interested.