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January 02, 2006

Time for a new discussion

It takes a brave man to go against the grain of social and political correctness -- especially when it brings conflict with one's own people. Enter Ted Hayes, the Los Angeles based Republican homeless advocate and Bush supporter. And he's a black man.

There is a serious problem in the black community in regards to how we view ourselves politically. I would wager to say that Black America is on a political Gilligan's Island. We are lost and don't quite know how to get rescued. Or perhaps I should say we don't know how to save ourselves. That is why I believe exists such a snide and condescending view of those blacks who identify with and support the Republican Party.

Monolithic politicism is poison for black advancement. But the Democrats and liberal blacks who want to maintain a passive, victimist mentality among American blacks hate it when people like Hayes speaks out.

Hayes was recently the brunt of Democratic hatred of which he writes about in WSJ's Opinion Journal. Personally, I don't identify completely with the Republican Party, but I most closely identify with them much more than I do with the Democrats. I understand that black salvation isn't found in either party, but that our own political muscle will be forged only when we collectively understand and practice diversity.

Most blacks I think, allow the racism cheerleaders to stir their emotions before they engage their intellect regarding who will best serve our unified interests. So then it becomes easy to launch black on black insults like "sambo", "sell-out" and the all time favorite "unca tom".

What are liberals so afraid of? That blacks will finally be emancipated from controlled and mandated political thought? I suspect that's exactly why they keep certain black "leaders" on a leash against black conservatives and Republicans. But as Ted Hayes pointed out, its time for a new discussion in Black America. Not one of uniformity, but one of true unity.

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    Anonymous said...

    U have just read your blog with quite some interest. And to say that it is off putting is to put it quite mildly.Some of your writngs are laced with code words and statements, about homosexuality. I do happen to agree with you on the state of black politics and white liberals, the problem there is that we (people of colour) are just as guilty and refuse to accept that all of us are not democrats and liberal in the same sense. Alas, that subject is for another day. I would just ask that you think about what James said in chapter4, verses 11-12: "Do not speak evil against one another beloved. Whoeverspeaks evil againstanother or judges another, speaks evil against the law and judges the law; but if you judge the law you are not a doer of the law but a judge. There is but one lawgiver and judge who is able to save and to destroy. So who, then, are you to judge your neighbor?" As well as James chapter 1 verse 26-27: " If any think they ar religous, and do not bridle their tongues but decieve their hearts, their religon is worthless."(NRSV)
    I make no judgements of you and others, and only hope that this gives us all something to think about as we move through this transatory life.

    Anonymous said...

    Please pardon the mistake in the first sentence, I have not yet become a very accurate typist.
    Peace and blessings

    DL Foster said...

    Anonymous #1,
    Thanks for stopping by. If you can live with your typos, I sure can. They dont bother me a bit.

    Now, you mentioned James 4:11-12.
    I agree with it. But I would have to ask you what are the limits of its application?

    For instance, should we not speak out against child molestation and those who molest them? Are we not to speak out against destroying children in the womb?

    When James specifies "one another" is he referring to the family of God? What if another Christian was embezzling hard earned church money. Would we be allowed to make a judgment as to the rightness or wrongness of that? Or should we just passively accept all the wrong in the world (and the church) silently?

    When Jesus said in John 7:24 to "judge righteously" did me mean we can or cannot judge?
    Sorry, to have to ask all these questions, but your remarks dont allow a simple answer without you clarifying yourself.

    You would have to list some examples of what you mean by "code words and statements". Because honestly I dont have a clue as to what you mean by that. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Anonymous said...

    Well, I thank you for lettting that slide (the typos). I want to say that I really did not expect answer.
    Code words are words are words that have a normal meaning but deeper affect I guess that would be the best way of putting it i.e. ghetto/urban-poor black(N!@#R), they are used by society at large.
    I will respond to your questions concerning, I am at work and well It will take a moment