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December 12, 2005

Exgays unleash powerful new hate crimes ad

Randy Thomas reports on it here.
The full ad available for viewing here [pdf].


Scott said...

DL I'll ask you one of the same questions I asked Randy.

Will you join with me in calling for the repeal of the hate crime law protecting religion?

Currently the non-religious are not protected and if the claims in this ad are true (that only gays possess a "sexual orientation" and not everyone else) then we need to make sure that it's an even playing field across the board.

DL Foster said...


Scott said...

Any particular reason DL?

Do you believe in equal protection for all?

Anonymous said...

I will support gay hate crimes bill when!

When leftist gay paper's, the movie Industry, leftist orginizations and gay leaders are sued daily, for anti christian,religious speech, then you may have a point!

When the hate crimes laws are used against fanatical, hateful, GLBT community leaders, then I will support it.

Right now its not fair.

It only gives gay activist who see this law as a means to censor, the power.

When ex gays can can sue for damages, and are part of the hate crimes bill.

Then ex gays can support this bill.

If the gay activist will allow for ex gays to be a part of the bill,
then it might be considered!

Right now only 2 percent of the Population is agressively suing and using politics to get its way!

And thats wrong!

Anonymous said...

"There needs to be a "Hate Monitoring Group for the gay communities anti religious speech!

This group would monitor the Washington Blade, and other anti ex gay, anti faith, bigoted statements from the gay community!

Its about time the gay community took some of its own medicine, and got sued also.

The Human Rights Campaign should and GLADD should be investigated!

Scott said...

Nobody can sue over a hate crimes law.

Comments like these show a woeful lack of understanding of the legal system.

Randy said...

Hi DL, it's nice to have some friendly linkage among the fray. Thank you.

DL Foster said...

Scott, you and I have very few things in common. So offers to "join you" in anything will get a fairly quick veto from me. Nothing personal.
The current hate crimes language and motivation is nothing more than gay political posturing. It reflects much of gaydom's ideology about acceptance at all costs. Its a "cause" to railroad gay acceptance. Personally, I would like to see the whole "hate crimes" foolishness tossed into the Grand Canyon. We already have more than adequate laws on the books to handle any type of crime.
There's no need to create a class of special protection for anyone. Life is valuable period. A homosexual's life is no more valuable or worthy of protection than the skin head.

Hi Randy, thanks for stopping by. Those ads are awesome. My only problem: my mug wasnt on there :)

Scott said...

Well good DL, then instead of complaining about sexual orientation being added we can all rally around getting race, religion and national origin repealed.

No special rights for these groups is my motto.

DL Foster said...

"...we can all rally around getting race, religion and national origin repealed..."

Its a free country, knock yourself out.

Randy said...

Maybe next time DL. We will talk.

DL Foster said...

There needs to be a "Hate Monitoring Group for the gay communities anti religious speech!

LOL anonymous. I nominate you to chair the HMG... sounds like you got a lotta passion.