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December 09, 2005

Broken links: Brokeback updates

Here's what others are saying about BareBrokeback Mountain:
Exodus International
Stephen Bennett
Citizen Link
Lead Characters in film find homosexuality unnatural

The film leaves a gaping wound on the intelligence of its viewers. The premise for the relationship between the two men is protracted fantasy since there is no explanation as to how two men can go from being ranch hands to sexual partners within 45 minutes. Is homosexual "love" natural? Gyllenhaal, one of the lead actors admitted filming the sex scene was as violent as any he had ever done.

"He grabs me and he slams me up against the wall and kisses me, and then I grab him and I slam him up against the wall and I kiss him," he said recently, adding that the love scenes were the most violent he'd ever done.
"We were doing take after take after take. I got the s*** beat out of me. ... We had other scenes where we fought each other and I wasn't hurting as badly as I did after that one."
The tolerance crowd sees "beautiful", but this is an ugly story of evil with a good makeup job.


vesti said...

The premise for the relationship between the two men is protracted fantasy since there is no explanation as to how two men can go from being ranch hands to sexual partners within 45 minutes.

So, all movies/shows that don't portray events in real time are "protracted fantasy"? I mean, there's no explanation how the Civil War could begin and end in 45 minutes during "Gone With the Wind", and it's completely ridiculous to assume that an entire football season could transpire during the hour-and-a-half running time of "Friday Night Lights."

If this is our primary criterion for evaluating film, then "24" is the only "real" show out there.

Oh, and about the "violent" thing ... sometimes when I have great sex, I wake up the next day with a few bruises and very sore muscles. So what?

Ron Franscell said...

From blogger Ron Franscell at ...

Imagine what insights might be gleaned if we could send a Desert Storm Marine to review the movie “Jarhead” or a murder survivor to review “Capote?” Our readers would be treated to an intense “insider’s” perspective on the story — the story, not the filmmaking.

Tonight, director Ang Lee’s “Brokeback Mountain” — about two young gay cowboys in 1963 Wyoming — opens in a handful of big-city theaters. It will open in Houston on Dec. 16. For now, there are no plans for it to be shown in Southeast Texas ... not a big surprise.

At my newspaper, we asked Ron Douthitt, a novelist and screenwriter who also had a gay relationship in his youth, to reflect on the film, which he saw in a November screening. We hoped his perspective would add to our readers’ understanding of this controversial story in this film version of Pulitzer Prize-winner Annie Proulx’s short story and Pulitzer Prize-winner Larry McMurtry’s script. An excerpt:

"If you’ve ever felt the kind of love where the feeling so far transcended the sex, when spending time with that person anywhere is all that matters, then this story is for you. If you’ve ever shared the kind of love, when the thought of just knowing if the person with whom you share that bond is going to be safe and all right — with or without you around — allows you to sleep at night, then this story will touch you deeply. The only unusual element is that the story revolves around two men."

DL Foster said...

a couple of things...
what qualifies one as gay? You mentioned that the two men in the movie are gay.

2. Do past experiences make one and expert so to speak with the ability to intense insiders perspective?

DL Foster said...

So, all movies/shows that don't portray events in real time are "protracted fantasy"?

I think it is pretty clear that I am specifically referring to Brokeback Mountain.

Red Tory said...

Well apparently you are applying some sort of "standard" to the plot development occurring over the period of 45 minutes as you've pegged it. That’s a fair amount in “movie time” whereby any number of twists and turns can happen. Quite honestly, I don't get what your point is at all other than that you seem to relish the phrase "protracted fantasy" and needed a way in which to work it into your piece. In this instance it seems, in a peculiar and artless sort of way that resulted in confusion.

Parklife said...

Wait.. So you saw the movie Mr. Foster? I thought it came out today? You must have been first in line.

ProfessorGQ said...

I can't wait to see this movie...

DL Foster said...

whats your take on the film? I dont have any gratutious conversation for you.

Scott said...

When did you see the movie DL?

I'm having a hard time getting tickets.

I'm going to hold my opinion of the film until I can get a chance to see it but with holiday shopping and seasonal parties it's going to be hard to get to a theater this weekend.

Parklife said...

It seems like it's getting good reviews. That is always a good sign. But, I go for the documentary types. That.. and renting seems to be just as good as the theater. I had no idea the movie was "controversial". Why would it be?

Not that I have seen the movie.. But... As for the argument that these men are not gay. That works to. Part of me is glad that Hollywood doesn't spell everything out for the viewer (I guess if you qualify that a male love scene doesn't give you a hint). I'm tired of watching the same movie with different actors. Most movies are escapist and Tom Kinkade / Michel Delacroix-esk. That doesnt cut it for me.

I guess the last line of the movie is "If you can't fix it you've got to stand it." Seems like an interesting take on things.

DL Foster said...

Parklife, I agree the movie is at the least interesting perspective on gay (or what seems to be gay) pairing.
I am also sick of movies where everything is so obvious it leaves no thinking room for the viewer. To his credit, Lee seems to be the type of director who allows room for viewer interpretation. That perhaps is why the movie is "controversial".

DL Foster said...

If youre asking if I paid some money, went inside a movie theater, got some popcorn sat down and watched the movie?

No, its not showing in Atlanta yet.

I think that it is any director/producer's dream to have tons of speculation and opinion about a film even before it is shown. The hype factors increases its attractiveness. Human nature.

However, by reading a diversity of opinion from individuals who have seen it and gauging reaction of those who anticipate seeing it, carefully watching trailers and artist interviews, as well as the same about the book, an fairly educated guess is in order.

Jason said...

Wow, not only have you not seen the movie, but you find it ok to lie and mislead people by using titles like "Lead Characters find homosexuality unnatural".

I went to that link above and nowhere in the article is the work "unnatural used", and nowhere did I find any lead charater disparaging gay people. So, what up? I guess its ok to lie for Christ, huh?

DL Foster said...

Jason lets make this simple:

Inconsistent with an individual pattern or custom.
Deviating from a behavioral or social norm: an unnatural attachment.
Contrived or constrained; artificial: smiled in an unnatural manner.
In violation of natural feelings; inhuman

Okay so far?

"It was such an awkward story, such a lonely, powerful story that it became a lonely experience making the movie."

At the actors' request, their lovemaking was not rehearsed first. "That would have been too awkward," Ledger said. More than most sex scenes are, it was choreographed down to the minutest detail. Lee took a whole morning shooting 13 takes of the two getting passionate in the tent.

"I only stopped to change rolls. I didn't want to break their concentration," he recalled. "The countenance on their faces, everything they did seems very genuine. When you are watching, you are almost embarrassed for them. I think they are pretty brave."

For Ledger, the only way to get through it was to stay in character. "If for a second I stopped and realized this is Heath kissing Jake, then it would have freaked me out and I would not have been able to do it convincingly."

Obviously, Ledger didn't feel the same about his time in bed with Michelle Williams, who gives a heart-wrenching performance as Ennis' wife. The two fell in love on the set and became the parents of a baby girl earlier this month.

Just for you Jason!

Jason said...

Wow! You apparently didn't read what I wrote in my previous poste. But I'm realizing you like to take things out of context so that they suite your needs. NOWHERE in this article do any of the characters say that being gay is unnatural. If they make reference to something being awkward it is only themselves they are talking about - not gay people in general. I'm sure it was weird and ackward for them because they are straight, in the same way it might be ackward or weird for a gay man to play a straight man on screen, but it has been done - many times.

DL Foster said...

"NOWHERE in this article do any of the characters say that being gay is unnatural."

Lead Characters in film find homosexuality unnatural
Say. Find. Two different words.

"I'm sure it was weird and ackward for them because they are straight,"

Unnatural: Inconsistent with an individual pattern or custom.

"If they make reference to something being awkward it is only themselves they are talking about -not gay people in general."

Lead Characters in film find homosexuality unnatural
Homosexual.(person) Homosexuality.(behavior) Two different things.

How much longer will I have to educate you on the simplicities of reading, comprehension and applicable response.

Jason said...

I'm not sure, but while you're at it you might want to take a stab at writing a poste that is comprehensible. I now have absolutely no idea what you were trying to say with this poste. Originally, it seemed as if you were trying to say that the characters in the film felt that homosexuality was unnatural IN GENERAL, when in fact they were only saying that is was unnatural for them because they are straight. In the same way it would be UNNATURAL for a gay man to play a straight man. It sounds like we are on the same page with this one, but I want to make sure. By writing a link that reads "Lead Characters find homosexuality unnatural" you give the impression that they are speaking about all gay people, but they are not. This is all I was trying to say.