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December 21, 2005

Presidential $cam-o-rama

More true stories from the Atlanta Police files...
An employee theft took place at a bank on Peachtree Street. A female employee admitted that one Friday evening, she took $25,000 and gave it to a man she met. The man said if she brought him $25,000, he would triple the money and then she'd return the original sum to the bank -- and no one would know. The man said his father was the vice president of Liberia, and his father stole the money from President George Bush. The man said when Bill Clinton sent aid money to Liberia, it was stolen en route. Now, the man said, President Bush sends "white money" to Liberia to protect it during the trip. He said the "white money" looks like blank paper until it is treated with a special chemical and pressed against real money. The man said if the employee gave him $25,000, he would press out $75,000. Then, she would return the original $25,000 to the bank -- and she would get 35 percent of the profit ($19,000).

The female bank employee, age 24, went to jail.

---Whats really funny is I was scammed like this in '84 when I was a buck private at Fort Campbell, KY. The man got away with $280 of my hard earned money!


Darnell said...

Well DL, at least you are man enough to admit you were taken.

Glad I never fell for a scam like this.

Maybe McKinney will call for an investigation of this "Bush White Money" :-) .

RadicalPurple said...

It just proves the old saying:

A fool and his(her) money are soon parted.

DL Foster said...

No doubt, I was a fool. The dude told me that if he didnt come back, I could keep the $3,000 in the bag he gave me. He showed me a wad of rolled up money which made me think that the bag was full of money too. I waited about 5 hours before finally calling my friend to ask what I should do. He said look in the bag. I did and there was nothing but trash and leaves. Haha. Good learning experience.