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December 08, 2005

Wisconsin set to ban homosexual marriage

Activists from both sides of the issue voice their views in Wisconsin. Photo Credit: The Capital Times

The backlash from the Massachusetts debacle over marriage continues to reverberate around the nation as legislative bodies set in motion amendments to ban homosexual marriage and its illegitimate cousin, civil unions.

The latest state to set the wheels in motion is Wisconsin. Lawmakers there are moving to have the proposal on the ballot for the November 2006 elections.

I believe the greatest thing the American people can do to show the proverbial line in the sand will not be crossed is to demand and approve state constitutional amendments outlawing homosexual marriage. Hopefully, that strategy will pave the way for the ultimate banning via the US Constitution.

The slippery slope is real and there is no way up from the pit should we be careless enough to fall in.

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    Regan said...
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    Jason said...

    DL -

    People can put as many discriminatory words as they want in their state and federal constitution, but that will never remove gay couples who love each other from the public sphere. There are thousands of gay couples who have been together decades, and no matter what the law says it does not negate their love adn commitment to each other. Church's who support gay people will still be able to offer same-sex blessings, so there will be gay marriages, no matter whether states decide to recognize them or not. It is a wonderful testament to the character of many gay people that despite all the pressures put upon them, they are able to thrive in supportive relationships, while straight couples, who enjoy all the benefits of the law, have a divorce rate of nearly 50%.