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December 08, 2005

Broken art imitates broken life

The actors in BrokeBack Mountain portray an ironic sequence of real life events. Photo Credits

Something is suspiciously familiar about the movie Brokeback Mountain. While I'm tempted to dismiss this movie as another cog in the Hollywood's gay promotion wheel, I'm much more tempted instead to turn this into a teaching moment.
There is a lot wrong with this movie, but in the right kind of way. Then again there's a lot right about this movie, but taken in the wrong way. The director unwittingly exposes the angst and pain that homosexual relationships are destined to produce. He simultaneously is bound to open up the floodgates of emotions and repressed desires that many men thought were long gone. Unfortunately, homosexuality is a broken state of existence; sexually immature and relationally stunted. All these elements are present in Brokeback Mountain. The movie's storyline replicates what exgay ministries have been saying all along: homosexuality is sexual brokenness. Given the state of the world with a diversity of sexual brokenness such as adultery, homosexuality, pedophilia, and the likes, the sad irony is not in the film itself but with those who attempt to spin it differently than what it shows. Its like arguing with a mirror. Brokeback is a accurate reflection of what is inherently wrong with same sex sexual relationships.

The imagery of the movie, set among green pastures and still waters, draws a biblical undertone of serenity and innocence. The two men even meet while tending (pastoring) sheep. But that's about all the Biblical comparison the film can muster up. Then, a monster shows up in paradise. Men in sexual relationships violate God's creative intent for human sexuality, no matter how lush the surroundings.

Director Ang Lee has called it the "final frontier." "Whether it can draw large audiences may well be the real test a telling sign about how far society is willing to go in accepting gays", he says.
There you have it, despite the syrupy nexus about the film being "beautiful", it really is just another gay propaganda piece with a twist. It won't cooperate with the spinmeisters.

ABC calls it "the first gay love story to star A-list Hollywood actors." But this is simply more projectionist imposition. Tell America what you want them to believe, not what's true. The longing for America to fall head over heels in love with "homosexual" actors is a transfarce in the making.
As my friend and fellow blogger Randy Thomas quizzes, "Isn't it weird that on all these acclaimed "gay" themed shows and movies that a vast majority of the actors are "straight" in real life?" I wonder that too. Why the practice of putting heterosexual actors in homosexual identity parts? Is it because they know that America is not so inclined to pay big bucks to see men portray something so foreign to our moral sensibilities? "Straight" (I hate that label) actors playing gay characters has become some sort of right-of-braveness passage for the Hollywood's T-list (T for Tolerance) actors. But, I digress.

Then there's this forced hype about the movie's A-list actors. I would argue that A is in the I of the beholder. Who's A-list? Personally, I had never heard of Heath Ledger or Jake Gyllenhaal before now. That could be cultural. I tend not to flock to movies that don't have at least two people in it that look like me. Sorry Shaniqua, no black characters in this one.

Some who have previewed the film are correct in saying that it breaks stereotypes. But in the most elusive way. Are the men really gay? If you count gay as being exclusively homosexual, then they are not. Are they heterosexuals who have become confused sexually and emotionally? Perhaps. Both men marry women, father children and presumably enjoy their lives with their wives. Is that an indicator that they are no longer what they used to be? Exgay perhaps? Its hard to tell. The conclusion cannot be reached with societal reasoning because the problem at the root of the lead characters lives is sin. Well, I know they call it love, but its real name is sin. Sin is a spiritual issue that can disguise itself to appear as an angel of light set among beautiful mountain scenery, but in the end, as the film shows, it only yeilds the fruits of bitterness, deception, anger and death.


Troybear74 said...

Coming from a very conservative, Christian, Republican family...I fully understand where this article is coming from. But unfortunately, it only shows how alike many conservatives are in thought. You see, I'm a 31 year old gay man. I accept Jesus Christ as my savior, and I live a pretty darn honest life. No matter how hard I prayed to be "normal" growing up, and after enduring a borderline emotional breakdown upon being "outed"...I was left with this simple, yet powerful message during a night of prayer when I needed God most. The Lord spoke to me by telling me "Things are not as bad as you think. I will not fix what is not are exactly the person I meant for you to be. Listen to what the others have to say, but do not listen blindly, for they are words of man." My personal take on this, was that I'm exactly who God intended, gay and all...and that I can still listen to the views of others, but to understand that their views are just that...THEIRS. I do not have to "listen blindly" to everything I hear, but am free to seek out the truth on my own. Before the end of the night, all the pain and anguish I was feeling was gone, and I was left with a sense of calm and comfort. If that wasn't a message from God, then I don't know what would ever be.

I've seen numerous relationships like the one portrayed in Brokeback Mountain in real life, and it is indeed very sad. Maybe if other Christians and conservatives would stop casting the first stone and deeming others as sinners while ignoring their own faults, then these types of relationships would be fewer. Christ Himself never said homosexuality was a sin, in fact, He never spoke of the subject at all in the why do so many others feel the need to speak for Him? The constant bombardment from religion, family, and friends as to who we are to be, can and does throw good people into turmoil. If people were more accepting, and less condeming...then maybe these false and damaging marriages wouldn't exist, and people could be true to who they really are, and be free to love who they really want to be with. I personally will never marry a woman, no matter how emotionally drawn to her I am, for I know I'm more emotionally AND physically drawn to certain men. I couldn't stand to hurt a woman by leading her into a fake marriage for the sake of society, but unfortunately there are so many who feel pressured to do just that. So before anyone talks of the "angst and pain that homosexual relationships are destined to produce"...maybe they should stop and see just where their own role in that pain comes into play.

DL Foster said...

youve had your soapbox moment. The best thing I can say about what you wrote is that it is typical.
Your arguments are so redundant that instead of refuting them (I done so many times before) I will just refer you to my article
Sex, Lies and the gay debate.
Now, let's move on.

Troybear74 said...

I admit I'm a little saddened by your response. I don't think anything I wrote would be considered "typical" as it came from my own experiences. As for the rest of your response, it was basically you telling me to "shut up", only in more words. Your blog is called Perspectives in Motion...yet it seems to need to be changed to a singular form, as apparently your perspective is the only one allowed. And the lack of an offer to communicate about the subject certainly goes against the "in motion" part of the title, as there can be no "moving on" when that's all that's offered for a conclusion. I did not mean to anger or upset or whatever it was I evoked...I was just offering my "perspective" comment. I apologize if you took it as an attack, it wasn't meant to be.

I did read the article you referred me to, and yes, I disagree with some of it (but I figure you expect me to). But I also agree with quite a bit of it, maybe more than you may think. I don't know you, or much about your life, so I don't know how well you can connect with me on the subject. But I want to know why I would receive the message from God that I had, if it was not true? Did I not interpret it correctly? It seems strange that God would speak to my heart in a way that I couldn't understand. Was the message NOT from God? Was it from Satan? I don't understand why God would allow Satan to respond to a prayer intended for Christ in name. If that is possible, then how can any of us trust anything we think we learn from God? How can we trust in the Bible if Satan is able to speak to us and we think it is God? I know there are people who were homosexual at one point, and then heterosexual after accepting Christ...but what about the many of us who are not changed upon acceptance? Why does God pick and choose who to help/change and not everyone who asks? For many years I battled with this...thinking that God did not love me as much as another. I even went as far as to denounce the existance of God and Christ, because the Bible teaches us that we will be cleansed and forgiven if asked...yet I felt like I was abandoned. No response then no God, that's how I saw it. I am very glad that I didn't fall into that method of thinking for long term, as it was very damaging at the time. It wasn't until about two years after that, when I started praying to the Lord again as I felt my life overwhelming me. But this time I didn't ask for Him TO change me, but WHY He wouldn't. It was then that I had my experience. I'm not sure what was "typical" about any of that. These are all honest questions, and not meant to be fodder for an argument.

I was honestly hoping for more of a compassionate response than some light insults, an article link, and being told to move on. I didn't know what to expect from you, but with you being a Pastor and "Director of Ministries", I was expecting a hand of help, but it felt more like a slap. If you responded the way you did because you thought I was attacking you first, please know I wasn't trying to, though I admit I can be opinionated just like anyone else...and sometimes that gets the better of me. But if that's how you always minister to a gay man, then I hope you would look at how Christ taught the people He encountered, and be a little more willing.

DL Foster said...

Troy, your comments were gay political, not Christian. Funny, you talk about people casting stones, but that is exactly what you did. Throw one, it gets thrown back at you. Want a few examples?:

1."unfortunately, it only shows how alike many conservatives are in thought."
And so you are what? And are you the only person who thinks the way you do? Hardly. Simple research will show that you are in lock step with the gay political movement (not Christian), which by your stone throwing example, makes you no different than the so called conservatives you despise.

2."Maybe if other Christians and conservatives would stop casting the first stone"
You would do well to use that advice for yourself. You make references to some individual's marriages as "fake". That's a stone. Because you can't enter into and maintain a solid, satisfying relationship with a woman after being gay, you think no one can. Sad. You limit yourself and claim God is at fault for not "picking" you.

3. "Christ Himself never said homosexuality was a sin, in fact, He never spoke of the subject at all in the Bible."
This is another parroted, gay political line that for a so called Christian to repeat is absolutely insane. You heard voices, I doubt it was God. For truthful information about Jesus, the Bible and homosexuality

4. "I couldn't stand to hurt a woman by leading her into a fake marriage for the sake of society,"
Your implication is that those who overcome homosexuality and get married (that would be me) are doing it because
"society" forced us to. That's an ignorant and hateful statement to make, but to be expected from someone who is still angry, bitter and broken.

Furthermore, Troy I dont do well with victimist types. Sounds like you have a lot of growing up to do.
If you look to your left, you would see that this isnt a "ministry" site. IF you want to discuss your false Christian beliefs, follow some of the links and try it there.

If you comment, I would expect that you would comment on the post, not climb up on a soapbox and pontificate.

Jason said...

I am a Christian, and that is why it makes me sad to read this review by a reviewer clearly ignorant of the subject matter. I'm tired of seeing any movie, that might show in a positive light, two men who actually love each other get written off by some in the Christian community who claim it was produced by a gay-propoganda machine - a machine apparently only certain uber-conservative Christians know exists.

The writer, producer, director and almost all other people responsible for this movie are straight. What IS amazing is that these straight people are able to truly capture the angst that comes from not being able to freely love someone. This movie is first and foremost about love - Any relationship that is oppressed by government or society is going to produce angst - Amazingly, though, many gay relationships are able to thrive without it - but I'm sure your objective and unbiased look at this subject matter allowed you to grasp that, right? Sigh

Anonymous said...

Dear DL Foster,

I just read your response to Troybear abo ve and even more than your review of Brokeback Mountain is my shock at your obvious spiritual arrogance. To call someone you don't know bitter, angry and broken, and by doing so elevate yourself, smacks of pride and NOT God.

DL Foster said...

The writer, producer, director and almost all other people responsible for this movie are straight.

Wow, jason! In your world no one "straight" could ever be part and parcel of the gay propaganda machine. That's amazing...and ignorant.

DL Foster said...

anoymous it would only take a minimally intelligent mind to read and see that Troy is bitter,angry and broken. Identifying a tree by the fruit it bears isnt spiritual arrogance or pride, its just a fact. If you read your Bible more you'd know that. When you have something more substantial to complain about, please let me know.

Jason said...

Dear Mr. Foster,

You said "homosexuality is a broken state of existence; sexually immature and relationally stunted"

-- This comment flies in the face of available evidence regarding homosexuality that doesn't come from a very biased and politically motivated ex-gay group.
--AND, despite the fact that gay people aren't able to enjoy the benefits of marriage that most heterosexual couples take for granted, thousands of gay couples thrive in mutually supportive and caring relationships, while the divorce rate for heterosexuals still hovers at around 50% I believe.
--If you want to talk about emotionally immature relationships I can think of at least 30 straight couples I know who fit that bill to a tee.

It upsets me that someone like you who, from your writings anyway, seems fairly intelligent, would permit the search for truth to take a back seat to your own biases. I know of very few people who are completely gay or completely straight. A person may label themselves "exclusively homosexual" and date only men, but have some feeling for women. The same is true for "exclusively straight" men. Sexuality is much more fluid than most of us realize. I for one don't believe that you suffered because of society's "born gay mantra" - I believed you suffered because you could not reconcile your beliefs with your orientation, and that you chose a way out that worked for you - but does not work for many or even most.

Jason said...

Wow DL - you're right. You aren't spiritually arrogant, it is simply a matter that everyone who disagrees with you is broken and wrong, and apparently doesn't read their Bible enough. You don't know me from Adam, yet you assume to know how much of the Bible I read.

If you read your Bible more, Mr. Foster, you would know that we are ALL broken! There isn't a single one of us that isn't, and there isn't a single relationship we have on this earth that isn't affected by that brokenness. But you knew that, right?

DL Foster said...

jason, Just like every other fly by night gay activist who prances onto this site intent on telling me off, youre no different. Your emotions are getting the best of you. Yawn. I already know your prepackaged arguments and trite gay defenses.

I suggest that you go read some more, educate yourself, get an independent voice and then try it again. Your use of the word everyone in conjunction with disagrees with me, equals a lie. I said Troy was. That doesn't sound like "everyone", but maybe you do come a close second. Im giving you your 6 seconds of fame, but you are blowing it trying to decontruct me.

Like I said when you have something substantial to complain about --or you want to comment on the post-- have at it.
Back to watching paint dry for me.

Anonymous said...

DL -

Well I guess by your "yawning" and your heard-it-all-before attitude that you've decided it would be easier to label what I have to say cliche than actually address it. Just so we're clear, I'm not an activist of any kind, but I am a Christian. And, because I feel like stooping to your level at this point, nothing I've read on your site is new to me either. Its the same old stuff I'd find on any site dedicated to towing the tired old super-conservative Christian line. If you think I'm just reiterating old arguments, you should listen to yourself.