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January 27, 2006

Changing the political landscape

We are on the verge of what could potentially be a huge seachange in politics if what I hope will happen, happens. Three men in particular, running for public offices represent what I feel is the best hope for Black America to see that our days of unpaid servitude to the Democratic Party are coming to a close. Like some other black conservatives I know, I am not in the least bit beholden to the Republican Party simply for the sake of, but I cannot fathom another decade of the Democrat's plantationism.

That's why I am pinning my hopes on
Lynn Swann candidate for Govenor of Pennsylvania
Michael Steele candidate for Govenor of Maryland
Ken Blackwell, candidate for Govenor of Ohio

Yes, all three black men who are old enough to operate with wisdom, but young enough to guide us into a fruitful change. Check it candidate's website for specific stances on the issues.

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