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January 30, 2006

Perspectives Roundup III

There was so much news, we decided to do a roundup. Here's what's happening:

  • Black lawmakers, in particular Democrats, are in serious conflict (reg required)over the passage of homosexual marriage in Maryland. This is good news, but serious. Good because unlike here in Georgia at the onset of our marriage wars, the black caucus was firmly behind gay marriage. This initial dissenting we are seeing in Maryland is a good indicator that homosexual groups do not have all black legislators in their back pockets.
    Del. Carolyn J.B. Howard (D-Prince George's) said the church community is hard to ignore on this issue, especially when she agrees with them. Given the power invested in the Democratic leadership in Annapolis, she thinks it is highly unlikely that the measure will reach the floor of the House or Senate.
    But if it does, she said, she has no doubts about what she will do.
    "You don't compromise your principles when it comes to these issues. If it comes to the floor, no one will back away just because of what party leaders want," she said.
    Right Democrat has some interesting inhouse views on Democrats at large and gay marriage.

  • In Atlanta, controversy is brewing big time after a black progay radio host stated over the air that he was "disgusted" at the thought of homosexual sex. Frank Ski (pictured with Bishop Long), a longtime advocate of the black gay community, aired his concerns on his top rated program after he says he was approached sexually by a homosexual man in a local club. A group of homosexual activists are now calling for "sensitivity" training for the entire staff of the radio station among other things. This shows how quickly the homosexual community will turn on just about anyone. Ski's involvement with the gay community goes back to his Baltimore days, but because he felt threatened sexually and dared to voice it, he's being branded a "homophobe". May be he's learned his lesson. Incidentally, Bishop Eddie Long recently lauded Ski, his sidekick Wanda and openly gay program director Arnie Epps at New Birth for the program's popularity. Ski, a member of New Birth was told by Bishop Long that the "favor of God" was on the show. I think Bishop Long is very confused about some things.

  • Speaking of so called homophobia, the crack addicted European Union wants to criminalize homphobia. You heard it right! If you disagree, dissent, protest, dislike, oppose homosexuality or homosexuals, the Union wants you behind bars. The real untold story is that they may plan to make all the jailers gay. What a twist that would be.

  • In the city of all things rainbow --and we don't mean the kind with the pot of gold at the end-- teachers who refuse to support homosexual activity between students are being persecuted.
    "This is not about religion, sex or a belief system," says the school warden district Superintendent Christine Lim, who initiated the policy to the San Francisco Chronicle. "This is about educators making sure our schools are safe for our children, regardless of their sexual orientation." I wonder if some of the students wanted to be affirmed in their "orientation" towards animals, if the warden would stand up for them?

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