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January 13, 2006

Demons and Trolls, Round II

There are some really ugly people floating around in the great city of Blog. Demons and trolls are some of the worst.

After the knock down drag out fight at exgaywatch on yesterday, I have been getting some of the strangest comments and posts from people I don't know. I suspect the exgaywatch crowd, who desperately wants to "ignore" me, is appealing to individuals they think will tone me down a bit so to speak. Put me back in my place. You know, that ole black men should be seen and not heard thing. Or be nice, nod yer head and say "yazsuh massah. Yous right and I show izzz wrong" That's what they really want.

So yesterday was a test and the tolerance crowd failed. I am routinely accused by gay activist trolls and thrill seekers who parachute onto the blog (spears drawn) to challenge me. When I won't allow them to spout their progay hate, they retreat and cry foul (sypmtoms of SCS--Spoiled Child Syndrome). In addition they ususally go to a few gay sites that foment hate and post disparaging things about me or they will post as "anonymous" usually something so sexually obscene it would make Larry Flynt turn red (I save the posts). Since I don't ban on Perspectives, I just delete comments that are nasty, mean spirited and don't follow any logical thinking, which of course serves to enhance learning and exchange. That's the most humane thing I can do with such animalistic behavior.

When I do grow weary of trying to make sense of the comments which are little more that one uppance grandstanding, I delete them. Consequently, such individuals make wild-eyed claims that I am intolerant, bigoted, hateful, closeted, angry, evasive, untruthful, etc. Some say they agree with what I say, but dont like my "methods". That really puzzles me. Methods? As in post on your blog and then discuss it?
Some believe I embody all that is wrong with Christians who won't budge on their acceptance of homosexuality. In the same breath, they claim I am just an insignificant little flamethrower whose blog is barely glanced at. Perhaps. But ahhhh such is the life of a controversial revolutionary just trying to get his point across. What's more, the closeted, white homoracists among them are really angry that some uppity nigga who claims to be delivered would have the nerve to talk about the dirt they do.

So, I've wondered if I did the same thing sans the obscenities, would they allow me the same sort of unfettered freedom to insult them, call them names and degrade what they do as they require whey they barge into visit my blog.
They failed. After a few exchanges, which I consider 70% civil (on my part), I was put on the que and prevented from posting. After that the attacks went through the roof. Which goes to show you no one that I know will allows "guests" to come onto a blog and say whatever they want to say in the name of free speech and "debate". I love a healthy exchange with anyone, but not when their intent is to trash me, rather than debate the merit of what I have written.

Even the unusually, hands off, liberal black gay writer Keith Boykin has changed his policy. "From now on", he says, "the web administrator and I will be actively moderating the comments and removing comments that don't reflect the tone of this page. To avoid this fate, please keep your comments (a) on topic, (b) respectful and (c) at a reasonable length."

I've had that policy all along. But the demons and trolls want it removed. Fat chance. Perspectives is a welcoming blog. Just dont overstay your welcome.


vesti said...

Sorry to hear that some cowards banned you.

But ahhhh such is the life of a controversial revolutionary just trying to get his point across.

well, it must have taken great humility to write that.

Which goes to show you no one that I know will allows "guests" to come onto a blog and say whatever they want to say in the name of free speech and "debate".

I recommend you visit any of the following blogs - you will never ever ever be banned from any of them:

Also, the Al Franken Show blog has banned a total of three users in its nearly two year existence. You've practically gotta rape a nun on a videocam to get banned there.

So if you're looking for a place where us homoracists aren't gonna ban you - no mattaz wutz yew sez to da mastah - those are a few suggestions.

DL Foster said...

Uh. yeah. no thanks. No offense but Iraq in the springtime is more appealing. I wasnt banned, just inhibited from unrestricted commenting. As I said, it was just a test to me. Evidence gathering. Nothing more.

But if youre not already in advertising, you'd probably make a good salesman.

David said...

You know DL, I don't like what you say, but I'll defend your right to say it. Sorry you went through it, or didn't "it was just a test to me".