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January 11, 2006

Revisionist Regan: nice, sweet Chicasaws

I love history. It was always one of my favorite subjects in school. Im taking occasion to review the history of the Chickasaw Indian tribe partly because the whole truth about them is being obscured by someone who claims to be a Chicasaw descendant.
Regan Ducasse, exgaywatch's resident self proclaimed Indian queen among queers (their self identifier, not mine) has written a sort of letter to Exodus president Alan Chambers. In it, she proudly traces her non Christian influenced Chicasaw Indian heritage. Ref DuCasse's remarks here .
The point of her sort of letter to Mr. Chambers: Christians are evil and Chicasaws are angels.
DuCasse: "Not being white, and Christian...but Chicasaw and spiritually grounded in the belief that one should treat another as one expected to be treated."
Did the Chicasaws "treat others as they expected to be treated"? The historical facts say they didn't.
  • An 1837 government census revealed that the Chicasaw Indians owned 1,156 black slaves. Which explains why they fought with the Confederate army in the Civil War to preserve the right to keep black people enslaved.
  • The Chicasaws repeatedly brutalized their Chocktow cousins in rival wars.
  • The Chicasaw treated their women as inferiors. There was a strict division of labor among the Chicasaw, with women responsible for the supervision of slaves and tending the fields of corn, beans, and squash. They were allowed little voice or authority in the tribes.
    A widow was expected to remain single for four years after her husband's death, but there does not appear to have been a similar restriction for men.
  • The Chicasaw had death penalty laws. The convicted was given one year to get his/her affairs in order. After the year, he was to return and a [friend] whom he had chosen would put a bullet through his head.
    DuCasse: "And where my NA ancesters [sic] come from, gay men and women are a MIRACLE of life and Creation and our much needed brothers and sisters on the journey."
    The acceptance of homosexuality among American Indians is largely an unsubstantiated "belief".
    In the article referenced:
    1. The Native American "scholars" who allegedly vouch for two-spiritism, are unidentified. There is no way to substaniate their authority.
    2. The individuals who were identified as gay Native Americans were both raised by whites and had little contact with their birth tribes. Their homosexual beliefs originated not from any tribal practices but western culture.
    3. The official Chicasaw website makes no mention of such people as part of its heritage. And neither does any other historical writing dealing with the Chicasaw nation. One would think that such "miracles" would at least garner a mention.

    Finally, Ms DuCasse poses to Mr. Chambers questions meant to darken his character. "Why....should I trust YOU?
    Why should I trust what you do as kind if you have two faces, speak from two mouths?
    Which one of the faces and mouths if any, speaks a truth?"

    Considering that Ms DuCasse has created out of thin air two huge lies about the Chicasaw she claims ancestral relationship to, one wonders if her forked tongue has indicted her.

    Update 1/12/06 12:25 EST
    DuCasse has complained to exgaywatch who falsely claims that I'm "denying" her the opportunity to respond to her lies about Chicasaw connections and beliefs. Horseradish. Poppycock. Baloney. I never denied her an opportunity to respond to my post. As a matter of fact, I sent her an email with a link to the post on yesterday as soon as I finished posting it. If she can without spin, refute:
    1. Her contention that the Chicasaws "treated everyone as they expected to be treated"
    2. Native Americans widely embrace homosexuality
    3. Why it is okay for her to call Alan Chambers on the carpet, while she gets immunity from scrutiny.
    Otherwise, she's free to make her case.


    Brother OMi said...

    i notice that the GBLT community continues to do this in several indigenous cultures.

    DL Foster said...

    brother o,
    glbt community is desperately seeking credibility. Its sad that it happens at the expense of history. I mean if you distort the historical record, what is safe anymore. I think most of native America even sans Christian influence followed the same traditional sexual mores if nothing more to ensure survival and of their race and culture.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Anonymous said...


    The truth is "gay rights" has only made significant gains in bigotted Christian, Capatalist Nations.

    Germany started the gay rights movement, but Hitler came and the USA restored Democray.

    Hitler would have killed every Indian, and Gay person.

    The Nazi's belived there was a gay gene and thats why they tried eliminate it from the gene pool!

    Also often these PC "indigenous cultures" are Leftist indians who oppose capatalsim , and claim there system was better.

    The truth is that these groups
    have been given protected status in Western Democracy's.

    Also there is a false assumption that these "indigenous cultures' treated homosexuality as gift from the Gods.

    This is historicaly untrue, it is true that some rituals had
    homoerotic themes, but most did not!

    Also we do know that these cultures killed those who particpated in homosexuality!

    Why do so many gays from around the world come to the USA, for freedom?

    I am sure that Moses and the bible was not the first to oppose homosexuality!

    India's hinduism is ideologicaly gay freindly but in practice it is
    violent against gays in India.

    DL Foster said...

    I agree. Anti-Christian support of homosexuality tends to base its argument solely on the Bible's rejection of it. But I dont know of any major religion (including Native Americans) which categorically approves of homosexuality, neither is its alleged approval coded into their sacred books. Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, even those considered "cults" Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons reject homosexual behavior. Additionally, the so called "savages" of Australia, South America and other remote cultures reject same sex practices. Some of them dont know what a Bible is.

    That's not to say that incidences of homosexuality do not occur within those cultures, but it is not a encouraged practice as a whole. And there's a reason why. A little of the History or Discovery channels will clue you in on that. So this whole notion that Christians are the only ones who reject homosexuality is ludicrous.

    Anonymous said...


    I would go even futher and say its, likely that Christian socities,with there emphasis on charity, and the indiivisual are the only nations who do fully embrace homosexuality.

    It's Christianity that even dares have this debate!

    The other religions discuss these issues mainly in the safety of Christian nations.

    There are no huge gay civil rights groups out side the West!

    Even Communist Russia which was athiest put gay people in the Gulags.

    DL Foster said...

    So then history is only history when we want it to be? I have never heard of that concept. I thought all history was just that. history. the good, the bad, the ugly. History is what it is. What I have a problem with is when people intentionally revision and rewrite history to make themselves look better. Ducasse made several statements about Chicasaws as factual and history proved her to be a liar. Its that simple.