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February 06, 2006

Black America in the box

Self imposed ghetto politics won't allow the black voice to be progressive or impactful in America.

African Americans comprise the United States' largest racial minority, accounting for 12.1 percent of the total population in 2000. This population is concentrated largely in the southern states and urban areas.

Very interesting infographic depicting where black America resides, but it shows much more than residential preference. Where we live reveals how we are hedged in politically. For more demographics on black people, check out these sites: 1, 2, 3

Traffic flow: how we have moved and settled.

I think that this is why the black political power will remain diminished. We have ghetto-ized ourselves into places where our voices have been boxed in. What's more, true African American representation is diminished because of a monolithical political posture. Failure of blacks to join and change the structure and focus of the Republican Party, leaves us in a quandry of being held captive to a party which takes the black vote for granted and being held at bay by a party which misunderstands (perhaps fears) the black objective. No other ethnic group in America is in the predicament.

***I just became aware of LaShawn Barber's most recent post, Hey Big Spender. LaShawn points out another horrible character flaw of Black America: our money is going to depreciable products. Liquor and entertainment, cars. Again, what does this say about us as a people and is "whitey" to blame for this also?

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