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February 02, 2006

King funeral services undecided **updated**

Still no plans of the date and location of funeral services for Coretta Scott King. Many people are surprised that the fallen civil rights matriarch died in a foreign country.

Although no plans have been released by the King family, gay activist Keith Boykin is alleging that the funeral is to be held at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church pastored by Bishop Eddie Long. Elder Bernice King is a minister at the church. Contrary to what Boykin said, an AP story reported that Bishop Long had only offered the church for the services. Likewise, Govenor Sonny Perdue had offered the Georgia Capitol rotunda for the body to lie in state. The family has not responded to either offer. Boykin branded the offer by Bishop Long as "ironic twist". Though Coretta King had turned vocally progay in her latter years, Bishop Long and Bernice both opposed gay rights. If Mrs. King is funeralized at the 10,000 seat church, it would be no different than that of Muslim leader Malcolm X whose funeral was held at a Church of God in Christ.

1. According to the Mrs. King registered at the Mexican hospital under the name "Ruth Green". Why did she do that? Andrew Young attributed it to a desperation to live, remembering his own wife's cancer death in 1994. Independent Conservative is reporting that the hospital has been shut down because doctors were operating without proper "authorization."
2. Bishop TD Jakes allegedly arranged this trip for Mrs. King. (unconfirmed) Why did he do that?
3. Funeral will be at New Birth and body will lie in state at the GA Capitol Rotunda.
4. Also, (I hate to repeat this) Fred Phelps and company are threatening to make an appearance to protest King due to her pronounced progay advocacy. Although I think she was dead wrong to advocate such a destructive lifestyle, Phelps should stay away. Hopefully he won't die anytime soon, or there may be a impromptu mardi gras.

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