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February 16, 2006

'Homophobia' Is Not the Problem

The wages of sin remain whether anyone thinks it's a sin or not.

By Lee Duigon Wouldn't it be nice if all of society supported and affirmed homosexual behavior?

If all the problems faced by homosexuals arise from "homophobia," fueled by us bigots in the conservative Christian camp, then to eliminate "homophobia" would be to eliminate the problems.

So runs the prevailing orthodoxy in the "'gay' community," very succinctly expressed by phrases like "the high cost of homophobia," etc.--and trotted out, opportunistically, at every opportunity.

Witness the words of Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, trying to attach a rider to the death of Coretta Scott King, widow of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: "From the beginning, Mrs. King understood that homophobia is hate, and hate has no place in the Beloved Community that she and Dr. King envisioned for our nation and our world." Neither Dr. nor Mrs. King is in a position to object to Foreman's crass opportunism.

But this orthodoxy is dead wrong. If the Christian Right and all vestiges of "homophobia" were to disappear by magic, homosexual behavior still would be problematic.

It would still be a sin, and the homosexually inclined person's spiritual problems would persist, no matter what society said. The behavior is a sin not because we say it is, but because the Bible says so. Whatever the damage done by "homophobia," the damage done to society by the homosexual movement is considerable. Among other things, it has accelerated Western civilization's falling away from faith in God, as timeless truths are reduced to cultural relativism.

Homosexuals' medical problems would still be there, no matter what society said. Societal affirmation of this behavior is widening the health crisis, as evidenced by the rise in drug-resistant STDs. If affirming problematic behavior does not encourage more people to indulge in it, then there would be no reason to ban cigarette advertising.

We see in Western Europe the high cost of embracing hedonism and abandoning the Christian faith. These nations can't even manage a break-even birth rate. We see in Canada an erosion of basic civil liberties, as the state props up its homosexual-affirming regime by suppressing free speech and due process of law.

Meanwhile, liberal theologians and pastors have concocted a theology which denies that homosexual activity is a sin. Liberal churches affirm homosexuality and even "bless" same-sex unions. They studiously avoid the many passages of the Bible that condemn the behavior, or if they do address them, twist them into pretzels.

This denial harms homosexuals by robbing them of a fuller knowledge of God and God's grace. What if it were applied to other sins? Imagine a church where you could say, "I like pornography. Porn addiction is part of who I am, and you can't condemn me for it." What would the pastor say to that? Should he "bless" it?

How are we to experience God's grace if we deny that we are sinners?

Blaming "homophobia" for any bad thing that happens to homosexuals is to hide under the bed of self-delusion. It denies the homosexual's need for God's grace and mercy, and tricks him or her into persisting in rebellion. It ignores the medical problems that this behavior naturally incurs; and it denies the wider societal problems - the decline of the family, the loss of faith in God and in the future, and the erosion of democratic institutions.

It's not "homophobia" that we should fear; it's the relentless drive by any means possible for society to accept sin and even to promote it.


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