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February 15, 2006

Perspectives Roundup, IV

Good, bad and ugly news:

Im in absolute agreement with Stacy Harp of Writing Right. She issues a much needed call for "men of God" to stand up against the advancement of homosexual ideology in America. Stacy, you can count on me.

Have you ever noticed that truth doesn't matter except in certain cases? Well, as I've been thinking about the issue of homosexuality, and as Janet Parshall rightly said not long ago on Larry King, "we're seeing the homosexualizing of America" I'm fascinated by the fact that the mainstream media refuses to print the truth about this issue. However, what's even more astounding to me is that most so called biblical churches refuse to address the issue as well - which is why many liberal and biblically illiterate churches have embraced the lie of the gay agenda. Read more of A Call to the Men of God to Stand

  • Gay Christian pedophilia?
    One religious left winger misguided gay Christian opines that "sexual orientation is not in the Bible".
    His argument hinges on a premise that "sexual orientation as we know it today did not exist 50 years ago, much less in biblical times." Using his basis for determination of veracity, we could also assert that "homophobia is not in the Bible". As a matter of fact, homophobia --as gay activists have defined it-- did not even exist 50 years ago, let alone in Biblical times.
    This revisionist garbage written by Robert Truluck, an exBaptist pastor, is exactly why so many homosexual men and women fall into depression, victimology and even suicide. Perpetrating a lie kills people. What's even more strange is Truluck's pedophilia flavored homepage. Why in God's name would a man as old as he is put a picture of a naked boy on a website purporting to help gays and lesbians "recover"? Seems more to me an invitation into more sexual bondage. This is why so called gay Christians are really just incognito gay activists wrapped a "christian" ballroom gown.

  • Our hard charging brother at Right Faith reveals quite accurately how gay activists are working to make "homophobia" a crime. In his post "Homophobic" Dissenters Will Be Guilty of Murder, Right Faith says that every "Bible preaching pastor in America" is at risk. Yes, folks the tolerance crowd has every intention on shutting down dissent in America through subversive means, in particular through the legalization of homosexual marriage. My strong advice: fight now or pay later.

  • Preaching to the liberal choir
    Homosexual activists at several ethnic gay organizations have banded together in an attempt to promote gay marriage. The ads (and I don't know how to say this nicely) have some gender challenged people in them. Its difficult to determine if some of the people are male or female. Just imagine how confused the children they are experimenting with raising will be!

    The ad banners are being placed on the websites of Essence(African American) and ChopBlock(Asian) and Migente (Latino). If Im not mistaken hardly anyone I know that's against gay marriage looks at those publications much. So the "campaign" is largely a shout out to the anti-family troops.

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