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February 01, 2006

Uncivil gay unions

Shocking to say the least.

Here are the highlights of this gruesome story.

1. Seattle sheriff's deputy (age unknown) contacts gay teenager over the internet and begins a sexual relationship with him. They move in together. The deputy registers the boy as his domestic partner and gets him county medical insurance.
2. The homosexual boy is mentally ill, suicidal and has a criminal history.
3. Despite all the warning signs, officials with the Seattle sheriff's Office only counseled the deputy about his relationship with the boy.
4. The now 23 year old man took the deputy's gun and killed a convenience store clerk, the father of four children.
5. Two days before he killed the clerk, the deputy's domestic partner had brought another man to the townhouse for sex. With the deputy upstairs allegedly asleep, the mentally insane domestic partner handcuffed the other man, raped him and threatened to kill him.
6. During the sexual assault, the deputy awoke and with knowledge that a sexual situation was occurring, told the two men to "keep the noise down".

This story is damning evidence against homosexual "domestic partnerships", civil unions, gay marriage, "intergenerational" relationships (NAMBLA) and the whole insane idea that homosexuals want, desire or understand the concept of monogamy, even if they were granted marriage rights. I will be waiting to hear from all the people who say I'm hurting gays.

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