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March 13, 2006

Fellow Blogger shines a light

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our friend and fellow Atlanta area blogger Darnell McGavock, aka Independent Conservative for assisting us with the Julian Bond story. What I really like about Darnell is that he is a man of convictions which are not up for sell to the highest pop culture bidder. I frequently find myself reading his posts on numerous issues from government to the black community and being inspired.

Particularly, dealing with homosexual issues can be thorny and difficult to address, he has done so with a informed ear and a watchful eye. Any small infraction and the progay crowd will swarm you and began the name calling. But Darnell has been a solid ally for truth and righteousness. I fully expect him to be a major player in the blogosphere amongst the growing chorus of independent conservative voices. Please visit his website and get informed on the real.

Our hat is not just tipped to this brotha, but its off!

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