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March 10, 2006

Ask Julian Bond to answer why

We're calling attention to NAACP Chairman Julian Bond's accusations of my expose of ROSMY the "gay teen" youth center in Richmond, VA and his defense of this group which has, in my opinion, encouraged sexual interaction between "men and boys" (their words) through their website.

So far the organization has flatly refused to answer why it encouraged the sexual interaction and why immediately after I brought attention to it, ROSMY yanked the ad off their website.

Julian Bond sent me a letter calling my writing "incorrect and harmful" and labeling it "defamation", but has thus far not answered my response letter or return calls. We want to know why he feels that even after I presented credible evidence of misconduct by ROSMY.

Please help me to bring attention to this serious lack of accountability on the gay community's part in dealing with underage children, some of whom their parents do not know they are attending such group meetings. Says 14 year old "Jess": "I started coming to ROSMY a few months after my discovery. My Dad drove me, I told him I was going to a youth group, carefully leaving out specifics."

Please call the national NAACP office or email your local affiliate asking them why a man with 23 honorary degrees like Mr. Bond is defending this group's activities.

  • Contact: NAACP Headquarters / 4805 Mt. Hope Drive, Baltimore MD 21215 /(877) NAACP-98 /(410) 580-5777

    Independent Conservative questions "Why is the Chairman of the NAACP running to the defense of a gay advocacy group?"

    Update 12:32pm - we will be posting a pdf copy of Bond's original letter later today.

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