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March 16, 2006

Gay gene/genie controversy

An academic in New Zealand has enraged homosexuals with his claim that recipients of the sperm of gay donors should be told that a "gay gene" (aka homosexual sexual orientation) could be passed on to the child. Homosexual apologists are stumbling over themselves to refute Canterbury University associate professor of genetics Frank Sin's call for potential recipients of sperm from gay donors to be told that "the gay gene(s)" could be passed on to the child. In case you ladies didn't know,gay men in New Zealand can now donate sperm (yuck).

Let's have some fun here, shall we?

A. If there is a gay gene as gay activists have sworn there is, then the professor is right. Why then would gay activists dimiss the professor's assertions as "pathetic"?

B. If the professor is wrong and there is no chance in a devil's hell of a "gay gene" being passed on to a child then the gay gene theory is officially an urban myth.

C. If the professor and activists are both right, then we are all in BIG trouble. With a homosexual gene being passed, I predict less than 50 years before the end of the world.

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