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March 17, 2006

White vs Black: gay style

Here we they go again. Donna Narducci (pictured right) calls it a "mistake". But black gays are calling it racism.

Donna Narducci is the white lesbian executive director of Atlanta's "pride" festival.

The ugly secret white gay America is hiding is that it is still one of the most fertile breeding grounds for racism in the country. Although they wrap themselves in the imagery of the black civil rights movement but don't even accept black gays as equals. This latest race scandal exposes the ugly myth of racial equality/tolerance/acceptance within the homosexual community. But to hear white gays whine about homophobia and "marriage equality" one would think they were the most tolerantly gracious people on earth. Not when it comes to black folk.

I agree with Exodus President Alan Chambers who called this prostitution of the civil rights movement by gay activists outrageous:.

"Unlike the legitimate battles African Americans waged, the unoriginal hijack campaigns that gay activists are waging seem more reminiscent of tantrums thrown by spoiled children who don’t get their way. The truth is that gay men and women have never had to use different restrooms, sit in restricted dining rooms at restaurants, been forced to the back of the bus or denied the right to vote."
Narducci, in my opinion, is a closet homoracist.


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