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March 20, 2006

Pastor moves to shut down gay club

Bishop C.L. Long (no relation to Bishop Eddie L. Long) of Washington DC has filed an interesting protest against a homosexual nightclub's liquor license. The club is located across from the church he has pastored for over 40 years.

According to the Washington Blade, Long, who is African American and pastor of Scripture Catherdral convinced a panel of commissioners to file the protest because the club plans to exclude customers from the District. This move by the Bishop looks to be one aimed at shutting the club down. As you know what good is gay club without booze? Personally, I hope the Commission denies the license.

Long based his complaint on an alleged visit from someone at the bar who told him of its plans. It appears that the bar was attempting to reassure the pastor that no drunks would be coming from the neighborhood, just from Maryland and Virginia.

As to be expected, the bar's owner has denied that he ever met with Long or had intentions of excluding patrons from DC.

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