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March 09, 2006

Unanswered mail

The text of my return letter to Julian Bond, Nov. 8, 2005. Bond never answered.

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    Dear Mr. Bond,
    Thank you for sharing your concerns with me.
    I read with great interest your letter of October 21, 2005, regarding my writings about the Richmond Organization for Sexual Minority Youth (ROSMY). You make numerous assertions, namely:

    The information I published is “incorrect and ... harmful”
    ROSMY shares my desire to “protect young people”
    The recruitment ad on the organization’s website was “poorly worded”
    Youth are “always under the supervision of multiple staff members”
    My writings about ROSMY are “hurtful and misinformed”
    Additionally, you believe I have defamed ROSMY.
    My writings about ROSMY have in no way caused any harm to them. I simply called attention to this situation, because on its face the ad was outrageous. Reducing the seriousness of the ad to a simple matter of “poor wording”, belies any real show of concern for the young people in question. Initially, I questioned the ad and its owners because encouraging “men and boys” to interact in sexually charged situations is dangerous and a misuse of whatever funding ROSMY has received, particularly federal funding for their programs.

    Instead of maturely or professionally responding to my questions, the ad was yanked (the very next day) and all references to it removed. Suspicious? I would think so. Even after reporters for two Christian organizations called to get their side of the story, ROSMY refused to respond. I find that inexcusable for an organization which purports to help troubled youth.

    I disagree with you strongly that I have caused or myself defamed ROSMY. To this date, there has been no satisfactory information released about the ad. For example:

    Who wrote the ad?
    Was it approved by these “highly experienced professionals”?
    Was this individual disciplined?
    How long was the ad on the website?
    What does ROSMY say about the individuals who say they did encourage possible illegal sexual interaction between men and boys?
    Where is the specific retraction and apology for the pedophilia-flavored ad?
    Why does the organization not publish the full names and credentials of its employees?

    These and more questions must be answered by ROSMY before I or anyone, including parents who truly care about sexually confused youth can believe your assertions.

    Mr. Bond, are you aware that organizations like ROSMY continue to repeat debunked statistics in order to secure finances for their services? Are you aware that ROSMY does not tell children who end up at their offices that there are options for dealing with sexuality conflicts other than arbitrarily branding oneself as gay or lesbian? Are you aware that ROSMY does not encourage parental reconciliation unless the parent accepts the child’s perceived homosexuality? Why would any organization encourage broken family relationships.

    Unfortunately, the larger issue of homosexuality and its inherent moral brokenness cannot be sidestepped, Mr. Bond. Homosexuality is not compatible with the Creator’s intent for humanity. Consequently, as a Christian minister, I am bound to align myself with truth and not political expediency.

    For 11 years, I myself was once mired in homosexual living and as a teen and young adult, I yearned to hear someone tell me how I could escape that terrible life I did not ask for. Now, that I (and thousands of others) have found that freedom in Christ, we will oppose any organization and ideology, be it secular or religious, that consigns young people to such a hopeless lifestyle.

    Finally, permit to express that I am somewhat perplexed as to why you have written to me. I wasn’t aware that you involved yourself in personal advocacy for homosexual organizations. Additionally, I am not a member of the NAACP. I am assuming, because your letter is on official stationary, that this is an official NAACP position you have taken. I ask you to clarify whether you are speaking for your organization or if these are your personal comments.

    /s/Rev. DL Foster
    Founder, Witness Ministries, Inc
    Pastor, Restoration Sanctuary Church
    Atlanta, GA

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