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March 23, 2006

Undoing Diversity

Perspectives has documented time after time just how selfish and socially manipulative the homosexual rights movement (the extreme left wing) really is. Catch phrases such as tolerance, diversity, acceptance and equality have absolutely zero value unless applicable to their quest. We have found out that when it comes to others, homosexual activists quickly retreat from even basic fairness.

As Independent Conservative points out, an Ex-Gay Minister turned the tables on the hypocrites at a "Diversity" event in Viroqua, Wisconsin.

"Amazing, the gays refused to even share space in a room with someone that found out Jesus had a better plan for their life than the gay lifestyle. And officials felt that speaking about Jesus and being delivered from sin is 'non-positive'. These are the people with influence in schools. Pro-gay and anti-Christian. All views and faiths allowed except Christianity. Lord help them know the truth. Pray for these people!"
Say it again, IC! Are homosexuals that afraid of the truth? It seems to me that people are smart enough to make up their own minds about what they want to believe based on the full picture of evidence presented before them. Some homosexual activists desperately do not want this to happen. They would sooner jump Niagara Falls without a life vest than appear publicly alongside former homosexuals. Keep in mind they had no problem presenting this one sided lie to impressionable children, until Don Greven wanted to be included.

Stephen Bennett knows what its like to be excluded. Scheduled in January last year to appear on ABC's Good Morning America alongside a lesbian couple to discuss PBS's attempt to normalize homosexuality to children, Bennett was all set to share his views. That was, until the two lesbians found out he was a former homosexual. Said Stephen, "The producers of Good Morning America called me and articulated the two lesbians felt uncomfortable with me being in studio and wanted to set me up in a satellite studio in another state. That seemed to me that they were very "intolerant" and disrespectful toward me. I assured the producers I would show the lesbians nothing but love and kindness in addressing the issue at hand."

But ABC would have none of that type of tolerance, the fear of an exgay even having a say in the matter unnerved the lesbians. ABC allowed them to come on without Bennett ever being heard.

Case #2: The sweet, loving //heavy sarcasm// folks who populate Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays or PFLAG found out that CEAI (Christian Educators International) wanted to have an exgay viewpoint represented in the negotiations between CEAI and GSLEN. Immediately the hate claws came out.
Jody Huckaby, PFLAG's executive director, said in an email:
"During the course of this week, we also became aware of a copycat group called CFLAG (Christian Families with Faith for Lesbians and Gays). They claim to be a Christian group providing an alternative resource to PFLAG, letting parents and families know that "any individual ensnared in homosexuality can receive forgiveness for sin." They also help connect parents and family members of GLBT people "who have successfully left the gay lifestyle."
The intent of the GLSEN project was to help educators and administrators create ground rules for discussing GLBT-issues. Boiled down, it affirms the importance of inviting all points of view to the table out of respect for the First Amendment...but does not go so far as to say all opinions are of equal merit and deserving of equal treatment and standing in policy and curricula."
This woman is a nutcase. For real.
1. it affirms the importance of inviting all viewpoints...?
2. [but] all opinions are not of equal merit and dont deserve equal treatment?

More evidence that these leftist groups are sham factories. They can't even get a lie straight.