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March 06, 2006

xgaywatch's Daniel Gonzales soft spot for Islam

Daniel Gonzales, xgaywatch's resident "religious right" sleuth, has developed a really soft spot for Islam. Overnight he went into detective mode and figured out through some Sherlockian formula that Traditional Values Coalition is now in the business of peddling Mohammed cartoons.

Gonzales was, of course, shocked and dismayed at such "ugly, degrading, offensive" goings on at TVC. In fact, he was so dismayed over the whole affair he was up till 2am trying to unravel the secret TVC/Alain Mohammed files. His first order of business was to send a deceptive email to TVC saying how much he enjoyed the cartoon.

Hey somehow I ended up on the email list for this thing called Alains Newsletter that seems to be related to the TVC. Is this a new side ministry you've got going or did you sell my email to them? I rather enjoy reading it, I'm just trying to figure out how I started receiving it.
Yours in Christ,Dan
THE TRUTH per Dan: "As for my own personal beliefs, I do not acknowledge the existence of any god, creator, or spirits."
Then, as soon as he had that top secret classified information in hand, he shot over to his lair at xgaywatch and broke the news to the coven's brotherhood. Exposing such evil is Gonzales' claim to fame and boy oh boy he had one whale of a breaking news story here. Who would have ever imagined, why in a million years, that TVC was secretly in partnership with someone who was sending out "offensive" Mohammed cartoons? I get chills just thinking about what possible dangers Gonzales has saved America from. Maybe I will send a deceptive letter to the National Security Agency demanding they hire this fellow immediately for his uncanny ability to unearth such deep secrets.

Gonzales conveniently uses the "information" to suggest that TVC et al really are the subversive, anti-Islam types xgaywatch believed them to be. Now,(hands rubbing together furiously) they have their claws on the smoking gun! Thanks Danny, I feel safer already.

Nevermind that Gonzales lied to obtain the information. But lying is always okay if your goal is to "expose" the religious right.
Nevermind that Islam's rabidly antihomosexuality beliefs make the so called religious right look like child's play. There is no liberal wing of Islam. Islam doesn't even recognize "sexual orientation".
However, to their credit according ,Muslims in principle believe strongly in change:
"We should have deep repugnance to their acts [of homosexuality] and we must remind and warn them. Those who insist on this lifestyle, consider it legitimate and feel 'gay pride', we should not associate with them and should not take them as friends. We should certainly avoid those people. If we see a person who has committed this sin and wants to repent then we should help that person as much as we can to get out of this evil. We should not leave him/her to the temptations of the Satan."

If Gonzales were in a Muslim ruled country where Sharia law in in effect, he would be executed for his homosexuality, with few questions asked. That's why its really hard to understand why he would deprive himself of needed rest just to expose a cartoon. But then again, xgaywatch has a softspot for anybody --even those who would actually execute them--- anybody other than exgays, that is.

That's why Gonzales' latest supersleuth-sca-pade shows that xgaywatch is lost in a world of fantasy and evil intentions.

Addendum memo to Daniel: When you tell a lie, try not to attach Christ's name to it. Thanks.

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