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April 11, 2006

Learning to Stand Up

I'm loving my new venture Cross Section. Absolutely loving empowering friends and fellow laborers with encouragement.

That being said, I'm also thankful for friends like Independent Conservative who's keeping a watchful eye on progay policies and politics. His commentary on the Soulforce traveling circus student "equality" riders and the hate trending against vocal Christians is just jaw dropping.

"Now when we Christians call sex outside of the wedlock of one man and one woman a sin, we are decried as having made statements of "hate speech" and being "intolerant". It is interesting how the advocates of sin are so intolerant of the gospel. They are intolerant of the truth, while they are the ones that claim to embrace tolerance. They press for institutions of higher learning to hide any scripture based teaching that speaks against the sin they and their associates enjoy."
How completely sad, but true. IC reports that a Christian student at Atlanta's Georgia Tech campus has filed a much needed lawsuit against antiChristian policies which prohibit the free speech of Christian students who are against homosexuality. The lawsuit, backed by the Christian Legal Society, aims to challenge tolerance policies in the courts. These so called tolerance policies are nothing more than bigoted bias against individuals who feel compelled to speak out against the forced acceptance of homosexuality.

I hope Christian students will rise up all over the country and rescue the schools from these social terrorists. The thought of the gay totalitarianism is frightening.