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April 07, 2006

The win-win spin

From gay activist Joe Brummer's nonviolence du jour blog:
D.L. Foster: DL has made some changes, if nothing else you now need to be an invited guest to see his blog. That works just fine for me. Exactly what I could ask for in the world. He gets his mission and it is hidden from the world. I only objected to his constant negative posts about gays and lesbians on his blog. Since those posts are now hiddden [sic] behind a password, and young gays teens and others struggling with their sexuality will not be subject his his [sic] hate speech. They will no longer find fuel for self-loathing from DL. I am happy. It was a win-win situation. He is doing his thing, and I know it is harder for him to be hurting anyone anymore. Can’t be hurt by words that you cannot hear.
Poor Joe, we'll let him think he has "won". After all that's what spin is all about, right?

Another thing I wonder about is why gay activists slap on the mushy concern mask about "young gay teens"? Perhaps, they fear that the teens will read something that will make them question the deadly path they are considering and make an about face. That would be great because it would reduce the gay pedophile recruitment pool. I think if activist Joe were truly concerned he would be campaigning big against all the homosexual porn sites that target confused teenagers. But, (sigh) I digress.