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May 23, 2006

Ministry about to explode in the Caribbean

I've got to admit that I've got a thing for Kingston, Jamaica.

After returning from my third "missionary" journey there, I have gained a new level of love for what is probably an grossly underrated city. I had the opportunity to see many parts of the Kingston (and the people that live there) they'd never show you on a glitzy travel brochure. I also want to say after three consecutive years of travel to Jamaica, I am convinced that the current branding of Jamaica as the "most homophobic place on earth" is nothing more than an misguided, anti-Jamaican hate campaign.

That's another story that I promise to get to soon. I've have so much good news that I'm about to go crazy. Plus, I still have to tackle several issues with the Bishop Alfred Owens situation. So don't touch that dial, okay?

I do want to tell you about two brand new resources from the Caribbean which are aiding our efforts to root ministry in that region.

The first is the website of Project PROBE Ministries. While not directly involved with ministering to same sex attracted individuals in Barbados, PPM played a major role in launching ministry there. Led by Roger Marshall, one of the most intellectual minds on the Island, PPM has waded into Barbados' cultural and spiritual discussions in a big way. Please check out the new website which includes photos of the recent conference we did there.

Secondly, I feel like a proud grandpa because WIRED (Working Initiatives and Resources for Empowerment and Development) has also launched their new website. I think it is the coolest place on earth to get good information and help if you are in the Caribbean or especially in Jamaica. WIRED has the distinction of being the very first ministry to ssa strugglers to operate in Jamaica. It continues to make history with plans to expand ministry efforts into Jamaica's resort cities. Due to the steadfast efforts of Craig McNally and his WIRED team members, Kingston was heavily impacted with a message of grace, change and the power of God.

There is a lot of more news I want to share with you so, you gotta check Perspectives every day if you want to see events, circumstances and situations on a different level.