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May 23, 2006

X Gay Men at the Movies

It must be a really, really slow exgay news day at exgaywatch.

Mike Airhart, et al are belaboring a point which portends the X-Men movies (#3 in theaters May 26) contain a dark and foreboding "metaphor" of our message of change and transformation through Jesus Christ. Opines Airhart:

"The movie's story line appears to be a sensational, but somewhat oversimplified, mirror of the exgay debate..."
To paraphrase Airhart on Airhart: This (his comment) exemplifies, for me, one of the dangers of projecting one's own personal quirks, animosities and fears onto entertainment, and then -- deliberately or incidentally -- cherry-picking cherry-picked theories that conform to one's pre-existing mindset.

Daniel Gonzales even quotes one of the movies' lead openly gay characters as further proof of this coded exgay davincism. By the way, I loved Sir Ian McKellen in the Rings and X-Men. He was perfect for those roles, although it seems like he is saying he "channeled" a lot of personal anger about change into his current role. I wonder if that means gays secretly want to commit hate crimes against former homosexuals?

At any rate, Airhart and Gonzales are entitled to their opinions, but on Friday X-Men's Christian uberproducer Ralph Winter, will be on the 700 Club talking about his faith and being a Christian in a secular workplace. He will also be discussing his perspective of the movie. We'll see who knows more about exgay men: the pundits or the producer.

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